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7 Things That *Always* Happen When Your Bestie Falls In Love!

7 Things That *Always* Happen When Your Bestie Falls In Love!
Whenever your best friend is in a relationship, you are also there along with her through every phase. Whether it is lending an ear or your partywear, or a hand to help her get up and move on, here are some developments that women with BFFs-in-love will recognise.

1. You become the designated cyber-stalker.

During the early phase when your friend has *just* begun to have feelings, you are the go-to Sherlock Holmes - that is, if Holmes lived in 2016 and knew the ins and outs of social networks. No photos and posts publicly visible are safe from you - pictures with hot women and opinions on current affairs are investigated for red flags, and findings are presented before the relationship even begins.
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2. You are a 24x7 editor.

Every message sent to the boy is seen by you for approval - and you are consulted about what is an appropriate interval for responses. And you could write a thesis on male subtext after going through WhatsApp screenshots of their conversations and debating the meaning of cryptic messages.

3. Your BFF is always on the phone.

It is meant to be a girls' night out after a long time, but your friend has just begun dating and her eyes are glued to her phone. Her mysterious smiles at her device do not seem like an appropriate response to your venting about office woes. point 3 bff falls in love

4. You have to hide your giggles when you meet the boy finally...

… because you know all about his kissing technique and have seen his school avatar of a wannabe Salman Khan from Tere Naam. BannerPink 500px

5. You are an on-call stylist.

Before important dates in the initial phase of the relationships, your friend WhatsApps you photos of her outfit for a thumbs up or a do-over. point 5 bff falls in love

6. You learn to give silent threats.

Your BFF brings out the protective instincts in you, and you know how to give a don't-mess-with-my-friend-or-I-will-dump-your-body-where-no-one-can-find-it look with a smile.

7. You get caught up in the magic too!

Especially if your love life is pretty much non-existent… It's a double treat to see your BFF happy *and* get to live vicariously through her stories. point 7 bff falls in love GIFs: Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST READ: 7 Ways We *Talk* To Our BFFs (That No One Else Gets!!) MUST READ: 21 Signs You & Your BFFs Are Real-Life Sex And The City Girls