10 Adorable Things That Happen When You Start Dating A Friend!

10 Adorable Things That Happen When You Start Dating A Friend!
It is always exciting to meet and date new people, but what happens when you fall for someone from your core friends group? Yes, initially you might be scared about putting your friendship at stake, in case things don’t work out - but we all have watched Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and awwed at the cute relationship that was shared by Jai and Aditi. Your entire family and everyone around you thinks that there is something more than just friendship, when there is actually nothing! Here are some cute things that happen when you actually start dating someone from your friends circle - and become more than just “good friends”.

1. A New Adventure!

You both have been friends for many years but now things are getting more cosy between you two. Now you will experience what it is to be “their girl” and crossing this friendship line is going to be really exciting for the two of you. Your bestie is now your BAE!

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2. Change of Dynamics

Suddenly both of you become the centre of attention for each other in your friends circle. He will sit closer to you when you have a group outing, hold your hand and pay special attention to you. Certain things become obvious for your friends too - for instance if you all are going out and he is driving, it is obvious that you get the front seat! Just be prepared for the infinite teasing that’s going to take place now. This change of dynamics is probably the cutest and the most adorable stage in your relationship.

3. Wedding Plans!

You both might have just started dating, but your friends have already started making wedding plans for both of you. They can’t wait for the time you both decide to tie the knot - and have already started their cute arguments of deciding who’s going to be the “ladki wallas” and who will be the “ladka wallas”. We are sure this wedding will definitely be one fun wedding!

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4. No Tug Of War

Chilling is always a group activity and you don’t feel torn between your friends and your boyfriend’s friends. Your other friends can’t complain to you for not spending enough time with them, as it is the same friends circle and you get to spend time equally with everyone! All outings are going to get even more exciting and fun. Result: Everyone is Happy!

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5. You Are Your True Self!

With a new person, it takes some time to open up - but with an old friend of yours, you have no inhibitions. Since you both never knew that you would end up falling in love, you both had no inhibitions around each other - which now gives you no reasons to be self-conscious. Being your true self in a relationship is a sign of a healthy union.

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6. Similar Interests; No Learning Period

You know what he likes - you know what kind of movies he watches, what food he likes and a whole bunch of other stuff. These things make life and date planning so much easier! You both have done many activities together as friends - which makes adjusting to each other's preferences as boyfriend/girlfriend easier.

7. You kinda sorta know how the other is in a relationship...

You both have been through a lot and have always been there for each other, which further strengthens the bond between the two of you. Since you both have been friends, he knows about all the skeletons in your closet which a new person might not be aware of. You know how he is in relationships and he knows how you are in relationships. You both also know what went wrong in previous relationships and have helped each other come out of them. You already know each other's fears and insecurities and have blind faith that no advantage will ever be taken.

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8. You have the power to make each other laugh

You’ve probably known each other since school or college, which means you both go back a long way and have lots of memories to discuss and laugh about. You both also have a set of people you both kinda know and don’t really like! This just makes it more fun for you to have your own set of inside jokes and secret gestures when you’re around such people. Having a shared sense of humour makes the relationship even more fun!

9. Meeting The Parents

Your parents know him and have met him. His parents know you and have met you. Doesn’t this make life so much easier? Not going through that awkward “meet the parents” stage is definitely one less worry! Besides, it is also a pleasant feeling that your family feels comfortable with your boyfriend - they already might have that “ghar ki baat” or “he is just like my son” feeling towards him.

friend in your partner

10. No problems of fitting in

Introducing a new boyfriend to your friends can sometimes be a nightmare. You don’t know whether he is going to be liked by your friends and you pray that he gets along with them. But in this case, since you both already have the same friends, there comes no problems of fitting in! Plus, you also don’t have to make that extra effort of being nice to his friends  - and you are already a part of all the inside jokes of the friends circle! 

It is great to bring your friendship to a new level and add a dozen new memories to the already existing ones. You both have a stronger and deeper connection, thanks to the friendship that you share. After all, having a friend in your partner, is probably the best thing that can happen to anyone!

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