10 Things That Happen At Every Indian Catholic Wedding!

10 Things That Happen At Every Indian Catholic Wedding!

There is something unique and magical about attending an Indian Catholic wedding. The experience is one of a kind and it’s an occasion you will remember and cherish for a lifetime! Whether you’re a guest or you’re about to get married in the Catholic fashion, you’re surely going to be in for a BIG treat! Ladies and gentlemen, here are 10 things that happen at a Catholic wedding. Cheers, men!

1. The party doesn’t start till the bride and groom walk in, yo!

It’s that time when the bride and groom make a grand entrance at the reception. The guests are required to leave their seats, form a circle and greet the bride and groom by sprinkling confetti over them. *Aww* Things that happen at a catholic wedding

2. It’s then time to cut the wedding cake and pop the bubbly!

You might want to hold onto a box of tissues when this happens because the sight is absolutely magical!

3. Raise a toast to the couple’s health, happiness and success

Usually raising a wedding toast is initiated by the best man, the best friend or a close member of the family.

Things that happen at a catholic wedding

4. Unlike most Indian weddings, the Catholic one has a ‘wedding host’ to make sure everyone is having a ball

They’re the ones who are responsible for getting the party started. Get your party hats on, people!

5. Finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for - the FIRST DANCE!

This is by far the most romantic aspect of the occasion. After the couple’s first dance, their family joins in and, after that, everyone else. Things that happen at a catholic wedding pasted_image_at_2016_03_08_05_05_pm

6. You know you’re at a Catholic wedding when booze is served like water.

Just so you know, there’s a bar at every Catholic wedding. You’re free to get a refill whenever you like because it’s on the house! *burrp* ;)

7. No Catholic wedding is complete without playing the masala numbers!

Warning: tracks like Maria Pitache, Bombay Meri Hai and Galiyat Sankli Sonyachi can make everyone on the dance floor go loco! catholic wed

8. You may be the Queen of England, but you cannot have dinner without grace being said!

Grace before meals is a must prayer ritual at EVERY Catholic wedding.

9. Move over ‘Birdie dance’ the new ‘in’ song playing on replay is thePenguin dance!

Once it starts, your feet can’t stop dancing! So ladies, better get your dancing shoes ready because it’s going to be an insane night! catholic wed

10. Like all good things that come to an end, so does the wedding. That’s the time when you give your final blessings to the couple, hand over the gifts and bid adieu.

Not to forget, a big family photo is taken after! *Say cheese!* GIFs: giphy, tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 15 Things You’ll Only Get If You’re A Catholic Girl From Bombay MUST-READ: You Know Your Friend Is from Goa When…