10 Things Guys Do After A Breakup!

10 Things Guys Do After A Breakup!
Breakups are hard. To get over a person who you once were close to is quite a task. Men might seem relatively unfazed by a breakup, but that’s really not the case. The actual picture is quite different from what you might think! Have a look at a few things men do after a breakup...

1. Hang out with their guys!

Every guy needs his “guy time”. But post a breakup, they tend to spend MORE time with their guy friends than they ever felt the need to before. It helps get their mind off things, even if just a little bit!

2. Get drunk!

Who doesn’t get drunk after a breakup? It’s anyway quite normal to get drunk after a breakup - and that’s exactly what a guy does too! They feel the need to let loose and take a night off from everything else that’s on their mind.

after a breakup

3. Send drunk texts!

Drunk texting as well as calling is just so mainstream. Well, yeah! Guys are mainstream. They too - just like us - text/ call after getting drunk and then regret it in the morning.

4. Pretend to be okay!

They might cry themselves to sleep, but they always make it a point to act as though nothing happened. Urrrgh! Dear men, can’t you just accept that you’re upset?’

after a breakup

5. Keep themselves busy!

Hit the gym. Learn to play some musical instrument. Clean the cupboard. Basically, just keep busy.

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6. Become allergic to commitment!

All of a sudden, after a breakup, many guys tend to become supremely commitment phobic and allergic to being in love.

after a breakup

7. Grow a beard!

They sometimes grow a “breakup beard” which is (mostly) unkempt - and they couldn’t care less. No one to pester them about shaving!

8. Become a “serial stalker”!

All of a sudden, they turn into stalkers. They stalk their ex on social media and try to figure out if their ex is having more fun than them.

after a breakup

9. Start flirting with random women!

They become allergic to commitment, but well, flirting doesn’t demand commitment!

10. Begin to get over it!

Eventually, they start getting over it… And finally, they start wishing that their ex is doing well.

after a breakup

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