18 Things Every Mom Wants To Tell Her 20-Something Daughter

18 Things Every Mom Wants To Tell Her 20-Something Daughter
You know those times when our mothers want to share some well-earned wisdom with us? Listen, no matter how uneventful her life may seem to you, know that she has been there, done that - or at least seen it all when she was your age! So pin your ears back and follow her advice...

1. Don’t let the spark go. Ever.

Live your life with the same spunk as you did in your childhood. Act mature, but be true to who you are as well! That is what defines you. Be you.

2. Don’t criticize yourself all the time!

A self-check is good, but don’t keep harping about that nose that someone finds too blunt or that tooth that you’ve been told is too crooked. You are awesome and anyone who tries to convince you otherwise isn’t right for you. None of us are perfect, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

mother wants to tell her daughter

3. When you lose something…don’t lose the lesson it taught you

Whether you think you failed at a relationship, work or anything else - it’s fine! Make sure you pick yourself up and move on. That’s the key… Move on.

4. You don't have to like everybody or everything...

But that doesn’t mean you need to put other people down. Always stay kind.

mother wants to tell her daughter

5. Friends will come and go, but the good ones stay...

So value them. Never lose sight of those who have stood by you during your tough moments. You owe them that much.

6. Don’t worry!

You’ll even age faster if you constantly worry! Keep calm, and remember that every problem also has a solution.

mother wants to tell her daughter

7. Everything must go…

People, beauty, money…nothing will remain the same forever. Appreciate what you have now. Don’t get impatient or angry with your family. Know that they are doing the best they can. Make time for them. Make memories. One day, they will be all that is left.

8. Cry if you want to

It doesn’t mean you are weak. Let out your tears, heartache and the disappointments. It will cleanse you of your hurt.

mother wants to tell her daughter

9. Show gratitude

Even if someone just tried. Life is hard - affection makes it bearable. Complain less, be more grateful. And remember that you can’t get respect unless you first give it.

10. Everything has a price

Like they say...there are no free lunches. Always give back.

mother wants to tell her daughter

11. Ego is not the same as confidence

Never confuse ego with confidence or vice versa - and be careful of anyone who does confuse the two.

12. Don’t lose yourself when you fall in love...

Falling in love is beautiful, but never fall out of sync with your inner self. Let your happiness not be defined by your relationship status.

mother wants to tell her daughter

13. Enter and stay in a relationship for the right reasons

Not because there is peer pressure or because you got dumped by someone else. Know what you want and stay true to that. Don’t desperately pursue love - it will arrive when it's ready.

14. You are brave

Stay strong in your head. The world will constantly tell you what to do and where to go - but stay headstrong and listen to your heart.

mother wants to tell her daughter

15. Learn to say the word NO

At every step, you will be faced with endless choices. From boys to drinking to smoking to plenty of other things. If the little voice in your head says NO…you say NO.

16. Don't judge people

Even if they do it to you. Being judgmental will slowly take away the goodness that you are born with.

mother wants to tell her daughter

17. Turning 25 is NOT approaching “mid-life”

Your youth is far from over - and age is just a number! You are not old. Time flies, so make the most of it at each step.

18. Take chances - be bold, stay crazy. It’s okay

You have just one life to live. Money and fame will follow, but you have to listen to your heart and grab opportunities. Go out…rule the world!

mother wants to tell her daughter

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