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10 BEST Face Masks In The Market For Beautiful, Glowing Skin!

Sharon Alphonso

Beauty Writer

Face masks are a girl’s secret to clean, smooth and flawless skin. It’s one of those magical beauty products that help transform your skin from dull to glowing. If you’re on the hunt for finding the perfect one for yourself, we’ve made your search easier. Here are 10 face masks that are bound to give you a flawless, glowing complexion. Take your pick, ladies!

1. Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Pack

Best Face MasksIf your skin is oily and looks a bit dull lately, the Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Pack is what you need in your life! This face pack is made with a soap-free herbal formulation that claims to clear skin and protect it from infections and breakouts. It provides deep cleansing for pores and leaves your skin feeling soft and clean at all times.

Price: Rs 129. Buy it here!

2. Lakme Strawberry Clean Up Face Mask

Best Face MasksWe love the Lakme Strawberry Clean Up Face Mask because it smells so delicious and does a fab job of clearing up your skin. It contains Vitamin B3, strawberry extract and the absorbent properties of clay, which help eliminate excess oil. Last but not the least, it provides deep nourishment to the skin and helps maintain its glow.

Price: Rs 120. Buy it here!

3. Khadi Neem, Basil And Mint Face Mask

3 Face MasksOur skin is prone to a buildup of many zit-causing factors like pollution, dirt and oil. Too much of it can cause acne and skin infections. That’s when the Khadi Neem, Basil And Mint Face Mask comes into the picture. Once applied, it will not only make sure that it deep cleanses your pores, but also be assured that it will give it a natural glow.

Price: Rs 120. Buy it here!

4. Everyuth Naturals Advanced Golden Glow Peel-Off Mask

4 Face MasksOne of the main reasons we love the Everyuth Face Mask is because it contains extracts of fruits, flowers and herbs. The natural ingredients together with its advanced nano-particles formula helps improve the texture of skin. The mask peels away dead skin cells, bacteria and dirt, leaving soft smoothness. The best part is that it improves blood circulation too, which means a pretty glow!

Price: Rs 115. Buy it here!

5. Jovees Apple And Grape Fruit Pack

Best Face MasksIf you want your skin to go from dull to fresh, Jovees Fruit Face Mask can work magic! It contains precious botanical extracts, Vitamin E and fruit extracts that are responsible for making your skin feel supple, fresh and clean.

Price: Rs 165. Buy it here!

6. Auravedic Anti Blemish Face Mask

6 Face MasksFor all you girls who have a hard time dealing with spots and oily skin, the Auravedic Anti Blemish Face Mask is created just for you! It contains tea tree extracts and need, which act as antiseptics when it comes to dealing with breakouts, skin impurities and acne.

Price: Rs 200. Buy it here!

7. Adyaa Rose Face Mask

7 Face MasksUsing the Adyaa Rose Face Pack on a regular basis is bound to make your skin clear and smooth. It’s made out of natural clay and contains aromatherapy oils. While it provides deep nourishment to your skin, it also gets rid of excess oil, toxins and dirt. Interestingly, the pack also contains minerals that help rejuvenate dull skin.

Price: Rs 200. Buy it here!

8. Fabindia Haldi Chandan Mud Face Pack

8 Face MasksFor centuries, our ancestors have been using Haldi, Chandan and Multani Mitti and other natural ingredients to improve skin texture. Fabindia’s Mud Pack is everything a girl could ever ask for. It has anti-bacterial properties that help fight acne. It exfoliates the skin and slowly reduces any signs of aging. Not to forget that it cools skin and brightens it at the same time.

Price: Rs 350. Buy it here!

9. Aroma Magic Insta Radiance Green Tea Pack

Best Face MasksThe beauty of this face pack is that it contains extracts from carrots and green tea leaves. The antioxidants help minimize age spots, fine lines, and bring a healthy glow to your complexion. After washing the face mask off, you’ll notice that the blemishes on your skin have slowly started to fade away and your skin will start to instantly feel supple and moisturized.

Price: Rs 375. Buy it here!

10. Sephora Collection Face Mask

10 Face Masks

Sephora has a variety of face masks to choose from that help bring you closer to dreamy skin - our favourite is the honey mask. If your skin is dry and sensitive, this mask will do a fab job of nourishing it. Each pack contains a one-time use fiber sheet mask that will thoroughly nourish your skin and leave it feeling instantly rejuvenated. All these amazing face masks from Sephora are tested by dermatologists and are extremely easy to use.

Price: Rs 404.79. Buy it here!
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Published on Mar 19, 2016
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