The REAL Reason Wearing Red Makes You Feel So Confident!

The REAL Reason Wearing Red Makes You Feel So Confident!
We all know that wearing a red dress on a date manages to fetch us tons of compliments. For that matter, even red lipstick makes us feel more confident and sexy, just by the virtue of wearing it! Ever wondered that there could be some good logic behind all this? A lot of intrigued psychologists have researched this question to find appropriate answers and end the curiosity that breeds inside us. Here are some very significant reasons. Read on!

1. The color is associated with fertility!

This is purely biological, since when a woman becomes fertile, there is an increase in blood flow because of rise in oestrogen levels, which makes the cheeks flush and generally also leads to redness of the skin. When a woman wears a red dress that defines her body well, this is the image that appears in every man’s vision, and thus makes the woman seem more attractive.

2. It signifies power and prestige

This color has always forever been associated with power. From being the color of authority and royalty to signifying danger and caution, this is one color that can intimidate people. So if a sportsperson is wearing a red jersey, the opponent is bound to feel subconsciously dominated. On the other hand, if you wear red clothes at work, it also makes subordinates visualise your higher position.

Red makes you feel confident

3. Ancient beliefs got us believing too!

In yesteryears, ancient Egyptians had announced that red-colored lips are the sexiest thing that a woman could don. Since then, it has been socially acceptable to wear more of red - in clothes, on nails and even heels. Women chose this color when they wanted to attract men, and men would automatically find women in this color irresistible due to the believed connotations.  

4. All things love and romance!

From passionate little hearts to sensual red lips, red roses to “lady in red”, we’ve been socially conditioned to accept that all things red spell out love and romance. So, upon wearing red, we automatically feel those jittery feelings of romance. When we see a man wearing red, we immediately associate that with him being an ideal “prospect”. (Of course, looks and personality matter much more!)

Red makes you feel confident

5. The “Red Dress Effect” is a real thing!

People wearing any form of red clothing are regarded as sexually more appealing than when the same people are wearing any other color. This happens subconsciously. As suggested by psychologists Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta in their study, women found men more attractive in red, and according to Adam Pazda’s research men found women wearing red more attractive than women in other colors.

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6. Women wearing red are “valued” more!

Men, supposedly, are willing to spend more time and energy on women if they are wearing red, because unconsciously, they are drawing a judgement that she’s hinting that their relationship might go a step ahead. So, ladies, save that red dress for that special person!

Red makes you feel confident

7. It’s also very relative!

Wearing red doesn’t affect the perception of men regarding a woman’s intelligence or liking. It only makes a woman more appealing visually, as we mentioned earlier. All this happens because of the psychology of the color, red, which makes one appear more sexy!

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