What Really Happened The First Time He Stayed Over At My Place!

What Really Happened The First Time He Stayed Over At My Place!

Aakash and I had been on a few casual dates already. I liked him and he liked me too (it was kind of obvious that he did!). It was all happy and nice. We’d exchange messages back and forth all day and make random plans to catch up, get a quick bite or watch a movie. However, there was nothing relationshippy about us.

So one of those mid-week holidays was coming up. He had the day off, but I had office that day. He sort of hinted that he didn’t have any plans and it would have been super cool had I been home too that day. Now I really liked this guy who was NOT my boyfriend. So I thought why don’t I take the day off and spend some quality time with him... Also, it had been some time since I had played hooky at work (thank god this story is anonymous!). So, very conveniently, I took the day off too that Wednesday.

We made plans to have brunch at my place, watch a movie, have some chilled beer then go to this gorgeous park close to my place and then eat chaat at this famous corner. Just a casual fun day with a friend! However, just to be a little extra prepared, I got up a little early that day and took a nice long bath, shaved my legs and even blow-dried my hair. You know, just like that!

So that Wednesday morning, he came over. We had some coffee and sandwiches. Started watching some random YouTube videos and talking. It was all quite comfortable and pleasant. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, we started making out. One second we were discussing Sonam Kapoor’s overacting, and the next second we were kissing on my couch. It was still afternoon!

he stayed over


After the first making out session (yes, first!) we decided to get some pizza. I was really enjoying his stories and his company. We had a lot of common friends and a very similar background, so it was a LOT of fun to talk to him. And just like that, it was almost 10 p.m.! Now he had to go all the back to Gurgaon. I didn’t want him to go away and I could he feel that he didn’t want to leave just yet. We decided that he’d stay the night.

Now I had dated a lot of guys before, but I'd never really had a boy stay over at my place. So THIS was a big deal for me. I wasn’t sure of the “protocol”. Imagine sharing the loo and a bed. Thankfully, I had 2 quilts!

It was summer, so I didn’t want to wear tracks. I wore my tattered tee and my favorite shorts. I was already super awkward, his reaction to my night wear didn’t really help. He laughed and asked me if I had something “sexier”. That’s when I panicked. OMG! Was he expecting sex?? I thought it was just going to be a sleepover. Shit! How do I tell him he was way off the mark?! Is that what he thought this was about??

I guess the panic was way too obvious on my face, for then he said, “Hey, relax! I was just pulling your leg!”

Phew!! Okay, that was a narrow escape. Finally at about one in the morning, after a few more kissing sessions, we decided to go to bed.

Hmm... Sharing my queen sized bed with another person (who was 6-feet plus, BTW!) was going to be extremely uncomfortable. Random thoughts were running through my head.

Should I sleep in my normal position? But that meant my back would be in his direction. Would he think I was being rude? Screw it, it was almost 2 now. I needed to sleep, meeting at 10. Was that…snoring?! Yes, definitely snoring! How was I supposed to sleep now?? Finally, between all the internal conversations, I slept at 4.

Next morning, he left at 8.I slept “comfortably” in my bed for another hour and then headed to work.

This was 6 months ago. I have been dating Aakash ever since, and that was the first of many nights he spent at my place. <3 <3

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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