Foreplay To The Big O: The Different Stages Of Sex - Explained!

Foreplay To The Big O: The Different Stages Of Sex - Explained!
Sex, as we all know, happens in stages. We may not have necessarily thought about these states - but they are real! Read on to see if this is accurate for you too!

Phase 1: Hmm, how about some foreplay?

The first phase is all about touching each other, kissing and having your bodies just connect with one another’s!

Phase 2: Ooh, this feels good

The touching progresses from just making out to touching parts that are slightly more sensitive - if you know what we mean!

Stages of sex

Phase 3: I am officially turned on

Your juices get flowing and all you can really think of now is getting to the act!

Phase 4: I have already stripped you in my head

Yes, yes, at this point, you’re turned on enough that in your head you’ve already stripped your guy - and yourself!

Stages of sex

Phase 5: Oh, yes!

Clothes are off and now you begin. The build-up pays off, haan?

Phase 6: I see and feel nothing else

This phase is when you’re wholly and completely immersed in the act. You’re thinking of nothing else (hopefully!) - you’re just feeling all the great feels!

Stages of sex

Phase 7: SO close!

God bless this person who is helping you feel so insanely good! Ahh, you could just kiss him - oh there, you are doing just that.

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Phase 8: Please don’t stop!

And please don’t come just yet? You’re damn close to the big O and you could actually kill if someone was to take this away from you just at this moment - for whatever reason!

Stages of sex

Phase 9: … Bliss!!!

Ah, that much glorified orgasm - which, by the way is glorified for good reason! You wait for this moment, and when it finally arrives (even if just for a few seconds), it really is blissful, no?

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