2 Easy Hairstyles To WOW Everyone At The Next Shaadi!

2 Easy Hairstyles To WOW Everyone At The Next Shaadi!
With so many weddings to attend, we are always on the hunt for new dresses and hairstyles we can sport at the big event. Styling your hair the same way can be a little boring at times...especially if it is a grand event and you have the freedom to play up your hair any way you want. Here are two super pretty and easy wedding hairstyles you can try!

Difficulty level: As easy as applying lip balm!

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1. The Wrap Fishtail Hairstyle

Step 1: Take the front right section of your hair and twist it.

Step 2: Pin it up at the back.

Step 3: Take the left section of your hair and make a fishtail braid.

Step 4: Pull your braid to add more volume.

Step 5: Wrap the braid around the other side and pin it up using a bobby pin

Step 6: Hide the ends to complete the look.

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2. The Twisted Open Hairstyle

Step 1: Back comb the crown section of your hair.

Step 2: Pin the crown section using some bobby pins.

Step 3: Take a strand from the left and rotate it towards you right.

Step 4: Do the same twisting process from the other side.

Step 5: Repeat the same four to five times and you’re done!

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