6 Awesome Accessories You Wouldn’t Have Spotted At The Mall!

6 Awesome Accessories You Wouldn’t Have Spotted At The Mall!
Its spring! Time to empty out some closet space and make way for new clothes and accessories. On day 1 of the Amazon India Fashion Week AW16 #IndiaModern, fashionistas from all over India turned up in their best outfits. We captured the accessories that completed their fab looks for you to emulate for college, party, office and every other occasion you can think of!

1. Chic Storage Space

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Bhawna Yadav

Give your makeup and other essentials a pretty little resting place with a clutch that is in complete contrast to your outfit. The brighter it is, the more quirk it adds to a drab pair of pants and a top.

2. Walker’s Paradise

stylish accessories

Naina Redhu

Are you a sucker for shoes? Well, so are we, that’s why we’ve totally got the hots for this black pair of brogues with coin detailing (because added chutzpah never hurt nobody!). Not only are these shoes comfy, they’re also super good looking and go with almost any outfit. Black fusion shoes with funky detailing should be your go-to for parties and college.

3. Belting Monotony

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Anjiti Vyas

Frankly, we’ve had enough of those shift dresses that look like sacks over women with skinny frames. Belt your outfits, cinching your waist with a slim belt, to give the illusion of a slimmer waist and a more voluptuous figure. Because Kim K and Sonakshi are totally bringin’ curvy back!

4. Sunnies For The Win

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Apurva Saxena

Sunglasses can make or break a look. Not only do they add shape to any kind of face, they also keep the sun at bay. Not to forget, these reflector sunglasses add swag!

5. Grabbing eyeballs

stylish accessories

Melissa Vazquez Aldana

A colourful, statement necklace not only adds colour to your outfit, it also makes you the centre of everyone’s attention. Pair it with a monochrome, all-black or all-white outfit to breathe life into it.

6. Swingy Chandeliers

stylish accessories


We absolutely adore dangly baubles that add a bit of glamour to our outfits. And that’s not all these earrings do. They also make a short neck seem longer and if they’re big enough, can even frame and contour a round face. Amazing? We thought so!

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