6 Pretty Skirts... Perfect For *Your* Frame!

6 Pretty Skirts... Perfect For *Your* Frame!
It's that time of the year again - every bonafide fashionista from the country and abroad gathers to celebrate the Amazon India Fashion Week. Decked up in their sartorial best, these women followed the theme of this week - #IndiaModern - to the T. And as summer approaches, we decided to bring you some of the coolest skirts these on-trend stylistas sported at the AIFW. Draw inspiration and make heads turn.

1. Colour Pop

1. skirts for different figures Dolly-Singh,-Spill-The-Sass

Dolly Singh

Long skirts dominated the runway this season and off it, they were seen in abundant bursts of colour. Take this pretty number for example, it ends right below your calves and the pleats add volume to your lower body. Pick something like this if you’ve got a narrow frame and would like to add the illusion of curves. Pick a fitted top to go with it (as opposed to a boxy one).

2. The Short Of It

2. skirts for different figures Tomoko


Got athletic legs and would like to flaunt ‘em? A shorter hemline is your best bet. While bodycon skirts are very last season, a more A-line silhouette makes your legs look slimmer (yes, really!). Women with a straight body frame can pair these skirts with fitted tops.

3. Pleat-A-Boo

3. skirts for different figures Neha,-CORD


A skirt that ends right at your knees is great for women who don’t want to flaunt too much thigh. Carrying post-festive cellulite on your upper legs? Make sure the skirt isn’t too fitted. This pleated, A-line skirt is just perfect to conceal those problem areas.

4. Topsy Curvy

4. skirts for different figures Shreya-Kalra,-For-The-Love-Of-Fashion-and-Other-Things

Shreya Kalra

This high-waist skirt accentuates a slim wait. The silhouette complements a curvy figure. Moreover, since it doesn’t really hug on to your body from under the waist belt, it conceals any signs of muffin tops *wink*

5. Go With The Flow

5. skirts for different figures Amrita,-Kartikaye

Amrita Kartikaye

A flowy, floor-grazing skirt is perfect for summer. You can pair it with your tee shirts and crop tops and also give it a twist by pairing it with your choli tops. What’s great about this skirt is that it complements almost every body type.

6. In The Middle

6. skirts for different figures Dhwani,-stylist


This layered net skirt ends right above your knees and makes for a great casual option. When paired with tees and plimsolls, it adds a touch of sporty chic. It can also be dressed up with heels and a fitted top.

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