11 Signs That Your Boyfriend Will Make A Great Husband!

11 Signs That Your Boyfriend Will Make A Great Husband!
You’re in love with him, and often dream of a future together. But sometimes, you feel a bit unsure and wonder if he would care about you and respect you just the same as a...husband! Here are 11 signs that show you need not worry - for your boyfriend will make a great husband too!

1. He embraces your flaws, without making you feel guilty about them ever.

You can be your most vulnerable self around him and feel safe doing so. You know he won’t use your weaknesses to his advantage in your relationship, and would never point out your flaws to prove a point either. In fact, his support helps you come to terms with your own imperfections - and love them too!

 boyfriend will make a great husband

2. He is there for you, even if it’s not convenient for him!

You know that you can depend entirely upon him. He is there for you after a long day, gives you his time and attention and patiently hears you out because he knows you need it. He prioritizes your needs and never runs away from any kind of responsibility.

3. Your opinion and feelings count in all the decisions he makes in life.

However big or small, he knows that any change in his life will affect yours too - and so he makes sure to discuss the issue with you and take your feelings into consideration before arriving at any decision.

 boyfriend will make a great husband

4. He has a positive attitude towards life and wants to build a future with you!

When you spend a lot of time with someone, their beliefs and perspective on things tend to rub off a little on you too. Which is why it’s important that he has a positive approach towards life, and treats you as an equal partner - whom he wants to build a happy and prosperous life with.

5. You are able to communicate with him, and he understands your point of view.

You may have break-downs in your relationship, but you always get through them by communicating to and with each other. Even during an argument, he is willing to listen to you and genuinely makes an effort to step into your shoes and look at your point of view. He fights fair and feels no shame in accepting his mistakes either.

 boyfriend will make a great husband

6. He treats your family and friends with respect.

He knows they mean the world to you, and makes genuine efforts to be at his best behavior around them. Even otherwise, he is kind to strangers and does not talk in a harsh tone to people who work for him.

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7. After a long and tiring day, going home to him just makes the world seem okay again.

There is something about his presence that relaxes you. Being around him, you know you can be your true self without any fear of being judged. He makes you feel loved and accepted, and that fills you with all the confidence you need to survive life.

 boyfriend will make a great husband

8. He is not an overly jealous or possessive man.

He does not try to control you, and neither does he act suspicious of you. He has faith in you and accepts you for the individual you are - one who doesn’t need his permission for living life the way she wants to. He makes sure you are safe, and then lets you be.

9. He is conscious of your needs in bed too!

He knows what you like in bed, and makes sure you always get enough of it. The chemistry between you two is sizzling, and he always makes sure that you’re just as satisfied as he is.

 boyfriend will make a great husband

10. You know he’d go against the world and fight for you.

He lets you fight your own battles, and quietly but tightly holds your hand and walks with you through it all. But if need be, he stands up for you and fights with anyone who dares to mess with you.  

11. He is everything you look for in a life partner...

A life partner means someone who will be your eating companion for 20,000 meals (at least!). It means someone who will be your travelling partner for 2,000 trips, and also someone whose day you’ll hear about every single night. Someone you know you can grow old with and live your happily ever after with. And deep down, your gut says that’s him!

 boyfriend will make a great husband

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