9 Signs You Should Quit Your Job *Now*

9 Signs You Should Quit Your Job *Now*
Every now and then we feel like leaving our job and heading to the mountains or the beach in search of life and happiness. That sure means we need a break from the mundane - but if you are facing any of the signs mentioned below, take it as an alarm and know that it’s time to quit your job! Don’t be pushed down by the thought that you won’t find a better job - search right and you’ll be in a far better position than what you are in right now!

1. You dread Mondays (and every other weekday)

Basically, you just dread going to work. Every morning as soon as the alarm goes off, you suffer an anxiety attack and your stomach hurts. First off, ask yourself what’s bothering you. Dig deep. Is it work, colleagues or monotony? Instead of putting yourself through the everyday turmoil, save yourself the horror and look for opportunities elsewhere.

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2. You have zero interest in your work...

Everyday you are buried under Excel sheets of data that you have no interest in looking at, but you do it because it pays your bills. Well, there are other non- draining jobs that aren’t saddled with so much apathy and can still pay your bills. Think out of the box and look for a job that won’t dim your inner light.

3. You feel stuck

There is no new learning. Neither are you moving up the ladder and nor does your boss give you any constructive feedback. If you feel helpless and claustrophobic, then it’s time to call the headhunters.

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4. There’s no job security

If you are plagued by thoughts about the financial stability of your company and are constantly keeping your fingers crossed to not be in the next round of layoffs, move on.

5. You’ve lost…you

Although you may know this within, your friends and family would be the first people to point out that you’ve lost that spark that defines you. Trust us, no job in the world is good enough or worth it for you to stop being you. There is only so much that one can fake in life. Besides, the real you won’t forgive you, so RUN!

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6. You’re stressed all the time

If there are physical changes (negative ones) because of your job - then know that nothing in life is worth the turmoil. Losing or gaining weight, severe body aches, sleeplessness, anxiety attacks - these are signs that your job is taking a very serious toll on your health. First, go see a doctor, next…quit this job.

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7. You’re negative

If all you do all day with colleagues and after work with friends and family is crib…then check if it is your job that’s making you do it. Being constantly surrounded by negative people or work can have that effect on you - and please know that it isn’t worth it. Life is beautiful, go live it!

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8. No time for you

Back to back late nights, working on most weekends and a robotic life can leave you with no time for yourself. Ask…is it really worth it? What’s the point of making a living if you don’t have the time to actually live?

9. Reached status quo

You think you have a fab job, your bosses are great and you have superb colleagues. But you’ve been at the same company and position without any advancement or promotion for the past three years… It’s time to quit. Get out of that comfort zone and go challenge your inner diva!

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