If He Does These 11 Things... You Know You’ve Found A Keeper!

If He Does These 11 Things... You Know You’ve Found A Keeper!
A lot of us forget to appreciate our boyfriends for the amazing people they are. But, ladies, forget what you may, if he does these 11 things, keep him close - and never let him go! ;-)

1. He’s always encouraging of your dreams and aspirations

He’s never going to tell you that you can’t do or achieve something. He knows that you’re a strong woman who can achieve anything she sets her heart to! If anything, he only pushes you harder when you feel like giving up.

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2. He loves your little quirks!

What others may sometimes see as flaws, he sees as the most beautiful things about you! For him all those tiny quirks are what make you the person that you are - and the person he loves!

3. He feels proud of your achievements

He treats your achievements and successes like his own. He’s almost as proud as your parents are when you do well at something!

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4. He actually decides where to eat!

Oh gosh! Isn’t that a struggle all couples understand all too well? Whether or not you fight about anything else, couples always end up fighting about this. So if your guy isn’t indecisive about where to eat, keep him close, ladies!

5. He even shares his food with you!

Ah, true love. He lets you eat that last slice of pizza every time - even though he probably wants to eat it himself!

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6. He never competes with you

He appreciates all the hard work you put into being the strong and successful woman that you are - and he’s very secure about what he does too. There’s no competing with you. You’re his partner in every sense - and when you do well, he does well.

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7. He truly values your role in his life

You play a very important role in his life. He recognises that and makes sure that you know too! He doesn’t want to lose you at any cost.

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8. He isn’t embarrassed to show you or the world how he feels about you

Even if he’s a shy person, the little things he does or says make it obvious to you and the world just how in love he is with you. He can’t hide his love even if he tries - it’s just there!

9. He makes you laugh!

More than anyone else ever can. Even when you’re having the worst day ever, you know that a long hug or conversation with him will instantly cheer you up.

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10. He doesn’t forget to stay in touch when he’s away

It isn’t “out of sight is out of mind” with him. No matter how far away he may be, and for how long, staying in touch with you and keeping you updated is of paramount importance to him.

11. He treats you like his best buddy!

You’re friends before you are anything else. You laugh, eat, watch movies, talk and do everything in between together. There is no filter when you’re around each other - you can be your absolute self. He jokes with you like his best buddy and loves you like he would the love of his life. ;)

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