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9 Signs You're The Most Chilled-Out Bride Ever!

9 Signs You're The Most Chilled-Out Bride Ever!

Bridezilla? What’s that? If you’re cool as a cucumber and enjoying every last minute of the bride-to-be phase, then great job sista! You’re doing things right; now kick back and get ready to be the most chilled out bride ever!

1. People expect you to be nervous and frenzied.

But you’re over here like, “It’s partyyyy time!” chilled out bride

2. You don’t understand how other brides complain about shopping.

Umm, you get to walk around feeling like a princess and pick out gorgeous clothes. What’s the problem, again?

3. You don’t care if your friends and family are taking sangeet practices seriously.

The important part is that y’all are going to rock the dance floor on sangeet night.
chilled out bride

4. You don’t see the point in starving yourself and getting crabby.

The fiancé and you are loving your yummy date nights! *Nom nom*

5. People have all sorts of weird advice for you.

But you have two ears for a reason! chilled out bride

6. You don’t mind delegating responsibilities to your friends and family.

You trust them to do a fabulous job!

7. You don’t break down at the drop of a hat.

Cry? Why? You can’t wait to be a Mrs! chilled out bride

8. Instead of stressing over every tiny detail, you’re busy daydreaming about your honeymoon!

Wanderlust above all else.

9. People may expect you to act more ‘bride-like’.

But what to do? You were born with only so much natural swag! chilled out bride GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here. MUST-READ: 12 Signs You Are Turning Into A Bridezilla! MUST-READ: 10 Things Brides Say (And What They REALLY Mean!)
Published on Mar 22, 2016
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