Does The Party Only Start Once YOU Arrive? 7 Signs It’s True!

Does The Party Only Start Once YOU Arrive? 7 Signs It’s True!
Your phone doesn’t stop ringing and you’ve always got plans with multiple friends simultaneously? You’re the party starter we’re talking about! If you have the “party don’t start till I walk in” attitude, this goes out to YOU. Here are 7 signs that prove that you are the queen bee at every party!

1. You are the first one to get to the dance floor!

Not just that, you pull all those who are shying away or are simply holding a drink on to the dance floor! Organising the conga line? Yup, that’s you. Nobody sits alone when you are around!

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2. You’re the ‘other’ hostess people keep pointing to!

Need a top up for your drink? The appetisers haven’t come a guest’s way? Are people looking for the washroom? You’re pretty much a co-hostess at any party and your people skills are pretty darn awesome! To make life easier and ease the load, print food tags, him and her toilet tags and directions around the place so that guests can help themselves to whatever they need. All you need is an all-purpose printer and a good internet connection. Yes, it’s that easy, and only you know it!

3 . You’re the theme generator

Because a party without a theme is so passé. You know the latest trends and precisely which theme will click with which crowd. Not just that, you’re a pro at finding just the right props and you make sure the decor is fabulous! After all, that’s how people get into the mood! All you need is a handy little HP Printer to personalise menus, paper napkins, invites, food tags and other decor details in a jiffy. And not to forget kids games to keep them busy! You resourceful devil, you. 

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4. Take a bow, you superb networker you!

You’re the kind of person who exchanges 15 hugs and kisses before you even make it past the door. And you know precisely who should hang out with whom, and you are not shy about introducing them. 

5. The Game Changer!

That’s what they call you! Organising charade teams, karaoke bouts, Cards Against Humanity marathons - you’re the loudest cheerleader and the most active participant! Plus, organising games isn’t all that difficult is it? With a host of options to instantly print coasters, placards and even different sides of a dice, board games couldn’t have been easier to organise. Our personal favourite tool is an all-purpose printer, which allows us to create our own versions of popular games when board games become too mainstream. From bingo cards to Dominoes or Pin The Donkey, you can print them out in minutes. 

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The next time you’re considering organising games for a party, we’d suggest you try this handy little trick out, instead of investing in expensive board games that will probably just hold your interest for one party, take printouts of the game/cards. So. Much. Win!

6. “Is she coming?”

Is what guests ask the host to figure out whether they should make the effort of dropping in or not. Because they know that a wild night is guaranteed when you are around. You’re pretty much used to “miss you” calls and texts when you decide to stay in!

7. You’ve never met a stranger

You can walk into a room full of people you’ve never met before and walk out with friends. Your people skills are legendary, and your girlfriends count on you to introduce them to the hot guys at a party! You can talk to anyone and charm them. Bless!

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Keep rocking you little rockstar.

 *This is a sponsored post for HP.