Sex “Advice” You Should Totally Ignore!

Sex “Advice” You Should Totally Ignore!
Talking to friends and reading magazines can give you a lot of information about sex. Some of the tips you get from these sources can be really helpful - but some of it can also be totally wrong and not worth listening to. Here's some sex advice that you should definitely ignore!

1. Using your teeth when you go down on him.

Even if the magazine says just to gently nibble, please don't try it unless he asks you to! It can come as quite a shock and be VERY uncomfortable (and even painful) for men.

2. More foreplay means better sex!

Yes, foreplay is definitely necessary, but it doesn't need to become a drag! Start small, let it build, and move on to the actual sex before either of you lose interest!

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3. That you should wax down there before sex.

This is a completely personal choice! Many women like to wax, many just trim and many don't do anything. It's totally your decision and what you feel most comfortable with.

4. You should let him initiate sex. Every time.

Leaving it up to him to initiate sex every time will not make him want you more, ladies! But it might make him think that you aren't as into the sex as he is. So don't try this unless that's the message you're trying to send!

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5. Sex with your partner can solve all your problems.

Never depend on sex to fix your relationship problems! It's the worst strategy to have and could actually worsen a situation. Don't expect sex to do what possibly even communication can't!

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6. Having sex without a condom will feel so much better!

This might be honest advice, but PLEASE feel free to ignore it unless you're happily committed and planning to have little babies. Safety always comes first and trust us, you CAN have the best sex of your life while using a condom.

7. Sex on the beach is the most romantic thing ever.

Yes, it looks great in movies and all - but sex on the beach is not only very risky because you're basically breaking the law, but also extremely uncomfortable because of all the sand that gets stuck in places that it really shouldn't!

8. Lighting candles in every corner of the room will make your night more intense.

Sure, if your idea of intense means causing a fire! This is extremely dangerous - and you have to understand that no matter what you plan when you're lighting those candles, you can easily get distracted and lose track of time in this kind of a situation. Try fairy lights instead?

8- sex advice you should ignore

9. Shower sex is super exciting.

Shower sex is…complicated. There are chances of slipping and bumping into things - and water is not the best kind of lubrication for sex! And these are just the major problems, there are tons of minor ones like height difference, hair stuck to your face, etc, etc.

10. Try the "woman on top" position for the best sex!

The woman on top position can be very pleasurable for women, yes. BUT it's not a piece of cake. A lot of work has to go into it and you'll have to use muscles you didn't even know existed! So don't go into it thinking it'll be just fun - you'll have to work to make it fun!

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