9 Reasons That Sneaking In A Quickie With Him Is A GREAT Idea!

9 Reasons That Sneaking In A Quickie With Him Is A GREAT Idea!
It may not be the most “romantic” thing, but a quickie sure as hell can be exciting! If you’re looking to amp things up in bed with your partner, or are just plain short on time - there is no better way to go about it than a quickie! Here are a few reasons sneaking in a quickie with your partner every now and then is actually a great idea.

1. Because you want to do it, but you don’t really have the time!

We live busy lives and have way too much to do - but that doesn’t mean that our desire to have sex completely fades away! It still exists, but you could possibly be tired at the end of the a long day. This is when sneaking in a quickie becomes an even better idea! You don’t have to exert yourself too much, and yet can get what you want. ;)

2. Because having sex in general makes you more creative!

And having a quickie only further promotes your creativity, given that there is a time constraint - you have to come up with so many new and exciting ideas about how to and more importantly where to do it!

quickie with your partner

3. Because nothing like a change of scenery to spice things up!

The best part about a quickie is - you can do it anywhere. Away from the public eye, of course! But it doesn’t necessarily have to be in your bedroom. It’s quick, so the risk of getting uncomfortable if you’re doing it anywhere outside of the bedroom is minimal!

4. Because having sex (often) often improves overall relationship satisfaction…

But who has the time or energy to go in for a whole three-four hour session each time? Quickie to the rescue!

quickie with your partner

5. Because it’ll make you both feel good!

Happy hormones are a real thing. And what is even more real is the fact that sex releases these hormones in your body!


6. Because it’s exciting!

Even happy couples who are well settled in their relationship need some variation and excitement. A quickie may not exactly be “love making”, but it sure as hell can be exciting!

quickie with your partner

7. Because it’ll keep the passion going!

A quickie can serve as a much-needed dose of fun and excitement in an otherwise monotonous day. It’s spontaneous and hot - and those two things together can only be good, right?!

8. And help you shed your inhibitions in bed...

When you’re going in for a quickie, you don’t really have much time to think about what you would and would not like to hide - or how you should or not not be reacting. It’s all fast, there’s a lot of heat and you’re totally in the moment. It gives you more confidence to completely express how you’re feeling and just go with your instincts!

quickie with your partner

9. Because a quickie is actually less stress and much more pleasure!

Often during sex, men are worried more about their partner’s satisfaction and pleasure and are able to focus less on their own. Women, on the other hand try and focus too hard on trying to orgasm and also of course pleasuring the guy! A quickie is a great way to relieve some of that pressure and for each of you to just focus on your own pleasure! You know it isn’t going to last too long or that you don’t have too much time - so the pleasure per minute (or even second!) can actually be maximised! :P

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