The Real Reason (Most) Men Are Quieter Than Women During Sex!

The Real Reason (Most) Men Are Quieter Than Women During Sex!
Women have wondered for the longest time why men are so damn quiet in bed?! “Are they not enjoying it?” “Are we doing something wrong?” Well, ladies, no and no. They are probably enjoying it and you’ve probably got it right too! Here are some of the reasons men are much quieter than women in bed!

1. Because guys are less vocal in general!

Yes, did you know that it actually does have something to do with the fact that most men are naturally less vocal than women about their feelings and emotions? Even in bed, it isn’t all that different. While most women don’t have trouble letting go and moaning to express the pleasure they’re feeling, men might not feel as comfortable doing so!

2. Because most guys think of moaning as a more feminine thing…

A lot of guys find it slightly embarrassing to make sounds during sex. This could have to do with the way they are conditioned since they’re kids. Boys are usually taught to curb their emotions much more than girls are - and therefore it is something that gets ingrained in their subconscious.

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3. Because they’re trying to focus on making the act pleasurable

That’s right, most men aren’t as great at multitasking as most women are! They have a hard time doing this and that, all at the same time. So when they’re having sex and thinking about making the experience pleasurable for both themselves and their partner, that is all they are concentrating on. Making any kind of sound is just not a priority!

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4. Because, believe it or not, that’s just what they’re used to!

When they initially start learning about sex and experimenting on themselves, guys are usually quiet! Whether it’s because they’re in a house full of people or because they’ve watched tons of movies where the woman is the one making all the noise and the man is quiet - they just become used to it. Therefore they never really think that they’re supposed to make any sound!

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5. Because they just don’t feel the need to!

They’re enjoying having sex with you - and that’s all that really matters to them. They aren’t really thinking about the kind of sounds they ought to make or about the moaning and the groaning. Well, not from their end anyway. ;)

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