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#HeSays: 7 Questions We Wish Girls Wouldn’t Ask Us… In Bed!!

#HeSays: 7 Questions We Wish Girls Wouldn’t Ask Us… In Bed!!
There are certain things we really wish the women in our lives wouldn't ask us. And there are a completely different set of questions we wish they wouldn't ask us in bed! 

1. Do you love me?

Now, just because we wish you wouldn't ask us this, doesn't mean we might not say it ourselves during the act. We just mean we don't like to be prompted into saying it! Just like we're sure you don't either.

2. When did you change the sheets?

We know you care about hygiene and we also understand why would feel the need to ask us this. But trust us, the sheet isn't toxic and won't give you any diseases. We swear!

questions women should never ask

3. Why did you say that to me last week?

Bringing up fights that we've already had and finished while we're in bed, hoping that we'll give you a different answer or a better reason for our actions? Now, that's just unfair. We don't want a repeat of that argument, that too in bed!

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4. Did you know your mom called me?

No. And we don't want to know either, especially now. Please don't bring up any family relations while we're trying to put the moves on you. It totally spoils the mood and you know exactly why.

questions women should never ask

5. Can we turn off the lights?

Of course we respect your wishes and needs, but we really still DO wish that you wouldn't ask us to turn off the lights. Your body is beautiful and a huge turn-on. Being able to look at you makes the experience even more intense for us than it already is, and we really do wish we can keep doing it.

6. How many girls have you tried this on?!

Who cares? We're with you right now and doing this to you right now. So why do all the details (about where we learnt to do that and how many people we've practiced it on) matter at all? Point is - did you enjoy it?

questions women should never ask

7. Are you done yet?

Well. This one is pretty self explanatory. If you're feeling disinterested in what we're currently engaged in, then we're possibly not going to be "done" anytime soon.

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