10 Questions To Ask Your Makeup Artist At The Makeup Trial

10 Questions To Ask Your Makeup Artist  At The Makeup Trial
Makeup trials are one of the most important aspects to consider for planning your wedding look. You want look naturally beautiful and the person who will help make that dream come true is your makeup artist. A makeup trial should be scheduled months in advance before your big day. During that trial, we suggest you ask these 10 questions before settling for your final makeup look. Don’t worry, you’re going to look gorgeous on your wedding day for sure!

1. Is there any prep required before the makeup trial?

There are some makeup artists who want you to show up fresh-faced. It’s best to ask them if you need to use a primer, get a facial done or simply moisturize your skin before you pay them a visit.

2. Do you have a portfolio that I can browse through?

Going through your makeup artist’s portfolio gives you a better idea of their work and personal style. If it syncs with your style and expectations then go forward with teh booking! You deserve the best and nothing less, gorgeous! :)   

questions to ask your makeup artist before the trial

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3. Will it be possible to do the bridesmaid’s makeup too?

While some of your bridesmaids may already have their own makeup artist, some may not. You have to be prepared for anything and everything. Have a word with your makeup artist and request them to make arrangements for this - they could get an assistant, for example. This will ensure that there is no hassle or confusion on your main day.

4. What makeup products and brands do you use?

It’s important to settle for a makeup artist who uses safe and branded makeup products. You want someone who will not only understand the needs of your skin, but also someone who has a variety of products for you to choose from.

questions to ask your makeup artist before the trial

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5. Am I required to buy any makeup products?

If there’s a specific brand or shade you swear by, then, it’s best to inform your makeup artist. Ask them if the products you’ve bought are good enough or if they’ve selected certain products keeping your skin type in mind.

6. Do I need to pay a deposit? What payment methods do you accept?

Most makeup artists take a deposit sum before the wedding day. A well-written contract with receipts for each payment is mandatory. It’s also important to find out what payment methods they’re comfortable with. Some prefer cheques while others take cash.

questions to ask your makeup artist

7. Do you have any other makeup commitments on my wedding day?

This is question is often overlooked, but it is very important! You must know what your makeup artist’s schedule looks like on the day of your wedding. You want total commitment from them, with absolutely no compromises!

8. Can I bring a friend or a family member for a second opinion?

It’s very important to ask your makeup artist if you can get a friend or family member along for the trial. Getting another person’s perspective is required before you settle for a look. You can discuss with your the artist about the different makeup looks for each function - haldi, sangeet and the final wedding day.

questions to ask your makeup artist before the trial

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9. Will I be able to take photographs during my makeup trial?

Take as many photos as you can during the makeup trial. This will help you decide on the ones you like and if there are any changes you want. By the end of the trial, you should feel beautiful and look flawless. At this time, you’re free to ask your makeup artists as many questions as you like so that you look like a goddess on your wedding day. ;)

10. Will you be there at my wedding or will you be sending another makeup artist? Most importantly, what happens if you can’t make it on my big day?

The person who does your makeup trial MUST be the same person who does your makeup on your wedding day. The reason being is because this makeup artist knows your desired makeup look and you’ve built a great rapport with them. Also, if they aren’t able to make it for whatever reason on your wedding day, always keep a backup plan ready. Ask them if they would send anyone in their place or you could hire a freelance makeup artist as well.

questions to ask your makeup artist before the trial

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