#HeSays: 11 Things Our Girlfriends Ask That *Really* Scare Us!

#HeSays: 11 Things Our Girlfriends Ask That *Really* Scare Us!
Our girlfriends habitually find some of the most difficult questions they could ever ask us. They are mostly trick questions with absolutely no right answers, and you know that very well! Here are some questions that you ask us that seriously scare the shit out of us!

1. "Did you like the gift I got you?"

“Of course.” Obviously that's going to be the answer, right? Then why do you always have to put us on the spot like that?

2. "Are you sure about that?"

When our boss asks us this question, we're way more confident about saying yes than when you do. And you ask it in a scary way too! As if the wrong answer will take us straight to hell.

questions that scare guys

3. "What's your password?"

We can't lie, can't deny, but also can't die! What option does that leave us with?!

4. "But I thought you liked my friends?"

They're your friends and most of the time that is THE only reason we hang out with them. We don't complain (too much), but at least let this be an unspoken thing? Answering this question honestly without offending you is impossible!

5. "Can I use your phone?"

Um. Okay. Sure. But is it to make a call? Why are you going into contacts? And then messages! Don't you women trust us at all?

questions that scare guys

6. "Do you think we should get matching tattoos?"

If we say no, you think we don't see a future with you. Even telling you that we don't like permanent tattoos can sometimes lead you to thinking we have commitment issues. It's a mess, any way we go!

7. "How many girls have you slept with?"

There is no correct answer to this. Too few and we're amateurs, too many and we're jerks.


8. "Why do you love me?"

We almost feel like we should have a pre-written and rehearsed answer for this. Because having nothing to say can upset you - and that's definitely not something we would want!

questions that scare guys

9. "Should I wear a skirt or a dress?"

See, we never ask you if we should play Call of Duty or FIFA. Then why do you make us sit through the same conversation about your clothes, which totally goes over our heads by the way, every time?

10. "Why would you say that?"

We don't know? Say what, though? You leave us seriously confused and scrambling for an answer when you ask us this!

11. "Why is your relationship status 'Single' on Facebook?"

We know, we know. This is just a grave we dug and we're just going to have to lay in it.

questions that scare guys

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