10 Questions We Wish Our Boyfriends Would *Never* Ask Us!

10 Questions We Wish Our Boyfriends Would *Never* Ask Us!
Normally, we girls *love* to talk. One of our most major issues with our boyfriends just happens to be that they are not “communicative” enough. Yet there are some questions we absolutely wish they wouldn’t ask us. In this case, silence is golden. Of course we are giving fitting replies in our head, but we don’t dare say them out loud!

1. “Am I your first love?”

Actually, SRK is my first love, then came that cute guy who was my best friend in 3rd standard, then came my brother’s best friend in 9th standard...so...err...technically...no.

questions boyfriends should not ask 1

2. “How serious were you with your ex?”

I wish I was serious right now...like in the hospital...in a coma types. I don’t want to answer this at all.

3. “Am I the best you’ve been with?”

I understand that you’re curious, but this is like third degree torture. :(

questions boyfriends should not ask 3

4. “Do you want to go shopping with my mom and get to know her better?”

Honestly? No! She always looks at me very critically and that makes me super nervous.

5. “Isn’t my sister the cutest girl ever?!”

Okay firstly, I am the cutest girl ever. Secondly, she’s sweet but too bratty for me to handle. You all pamper her wayyy too much.

questions boyfriends should not ask 5

6. “Baby, Isn’t Naina the sweetest?”

I know she’s your best friend, but I feel like she will do anything to get your attention. I don’t get the best vibes from her.

7. “Your parents will like me, naa?”

I’m as hopeful as you are; but dad can be really, really strict. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

questions boyfriends should not ask 7

8. “You never check out other guys, naa?”

Never. Except for the cutie at the gym who looks like Shahid Kapoor. But we all know that doesn’t count.

9. “Can we watch porn again?”

It was fun the last time because it was the first time for me. I was happily curious. But now that that’s out of my system....do I have to?!

questions boyfriends should not ask 9

10. “If you had to date one of my friends, who would it be?”

*Panic Mode*

*Blank stare*

*Distract him anyhow*

*Proceed to kiss*

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