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Texts With Him: What Happens When We Try To Make “Plans”!

Divya Sharma

Assistant Editor

You know there are two kind of couples, right? The ones that are always talking on the phone to each other and the ones that are always talking to each other on text. Well, my boyfriend and I belong to the second category. Which makes for some really…let's say "interesting" screenshots. Here are a few from when we tried to plan a date and failed miserably in some way or another!

1. That time when I was the pain in the butt.

planning a date 1

2. That time when HE was a pain in the butt.

planning a date 2

3. That time he actually FORGOT about the date!

planning a date 3

4. That time he forgot about WHERE! (You see the pattern here?)

planning a date 4

5. That time I was craving meat and he thought veg food was sexy...

planning a date 5

6. That time I was kind of, maybe, a little bit manipulative.

planning a date 6

7. That time we realized we're socially challenged.

planning a date 7

8. That time we didn't even need words

planning a date 8

Clearly, we're meant to be. <3

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Published on Mar 06, 2016
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