#MyStory: We Started Making Out At A Movie Hall. And Then..

#MyStory: We Started Making Out At A Movie Hall. And Then..
My boyfriend and I study in different colleges, so we don’t get to meet every day. We just have the weekends to spend some time together. When we meet, we make sure to make the most out of it. ;)

One of the Sundays this January, we went for the movie Airlift. We had met after some time and while watching the movie I really felt like kissing him. With families sitting around us I couldn’t do anything. We had no option but to keep watching the movie; after some 15 minutes he suggested we go to the washroom to make out.

making out in a washroom


“The washroom? Seriously?!” I thought and hesitated, it was a rather weird idea.

However, I gave in and we got out of the hall. I was very nervous and my heart was beating like super fast. We quickly entered one of the stalls in the washroom and he locked the door.

He then turned around and hugged me; we started kissing. He caressed my back and started kissing my neck; he knew very well how I love it when he does that. I unbuttoned my shirt, he unhooked my bra and his hands started exploring my body while we kept kissing. I slowly whispered, “I love you”, and he whispered those magical words back to me. We both were so into each other that we were totally unaware of our surroundings.

Then, suddenly we heard some noise in the stall next to ours, it sounded like somebody was using the flush. We both came back to reality, “Someone is in the next stall,” I said to my boyfriend enunciating the words without making any sound.

We both panicked and stood still. We didn’t want to make any noise and arouse suspicion.

I quietly put back my bra and shirt. Then I looked at Ajay and he started giggling. Now, I too felt like laughing but told him not to laugh. We both were controlling our laughter and waiting for the other person to leave the washroom. The moment we heard the person get out of the place, we both burst out laughing.

We quickly left the washroom and went inside the hall. While the whole hall was seriously watching the movie, we two were still laughing!

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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