#MyStory: How That One Trip Changed My Life...

#MyStory: How That One Trip Changed My Life...
It all started when I first met him while I was in high school. There was something about him, something that felt like a connection. Before we could make sense of what was happening we had already fallen truly, madly and deeply in love with each other.

We were almost nothing like each other. He was modest, straightforward, always ready to help anyone he possibly could, practical and down to earth. I, on the other hand, was a dreamer who believed in fairy tales and happily ever afters. Our hobbies, interests, and perspectives towards life were very different. Yet, there was one thing that made us embrace our differences and that held us together, and that was our love. We completed each other and there was no other way we would rather be. He made me realize that even amidst all the heartbreaks and cheating, true love still existed, and I was determined to love him more than anyone ever had or ever would.

i thought i had lost him

Then came the true test of our love. He moved to another city and we entered our long distance relationship phase. We struggled a lot through it because however mature we thought we were, at the end of the day we were teenagers and it became tougher by the day. People thought that our relationship won’t last long and some even passed insensitive comments. But that never bothered us much because we knew that no one understood what we were going through.

After a year or so, something happened. He quietly shut me out. He blocked me on all social networking channels and just stopped talking to me altogether. I was hurt and angry. His last words would keep reverberating in my head -- “Forget me forever, go on with your life and be happy”. How could he say that? Did he not know that he was my reason to smile? Did he not realize how important a part of my life he was and that I could not bear not being a part of his? It felt like someone had ripped my heart out of my chest and the pain grew every day. People started gossiping and saying, “I told you so, long distance relationships don’t last”, “he cheated on you”. But I didn't care, I had faith in my love and was not ready to believe what they were saying. I tried a lot to contact him but couldn’t get through to him… so I just decided to wait for him.

A few years later on a school trip to Uttarakhand, while I was shopping, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. My heart skipped a beat and when I turned, there he was, standing amongst the beautiful hills and the valleys, the same person. My person. The world around me blurred as I ran towards him and flung my arms around him, bursting into tears of happiness and relief. He held me tight as tears filled his eyes. "I love you, I'm so sorry I left you but there was nothing I could do, you were not happy with me, all you did was struggle", he said. I looked at him, straight into his eyes and said, "I'm ready to struggle because I'd rather walk through hell with you than live in heaven without you, I love you forever and a day".

I found my happily ever after. Yes, dreams come true and fairytales do exist. It just needs faith, loyalty and a lot of patience.

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