#MyStory: Why I Am Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Friend

#MyStory: Why I Am Marrying My Ex-Husband’s Friend
After going through a bad marriage and even worse divorce, I was on a journey to self-discovery. I was just 19 when I got divorced; for two and half years after that, I had the time of my life. I am not very proud of some of the things I did during that time, but I believe those experiences were vital in shaping the person I have become now.

My family, who didn’t approve of my marriage, was my biggest strength during the divorce. And they gave me all the freedom to start life afresh.

In the last one year, I received many marriage proposals and I met many men. The rishta dates would normally be at a coffee shop and last for an hour or two. Often I would just go back home and tell my mum NO. It was not that I had started hating men; it’s just that I didn’t feel compatible enough with anyone. The horrible relationship I had to go through had made me more cautious about my choice and I wanted to make sure this time I say yes to the right guy.

One day my parents got a rishta from Yash; the surprising thing was he was friends with my ex-husband, Tarun. I had met Yash a couple of times while I was with Tarun; however, we'd never had any personal connection. I was very apprehensive at first when I received his proposal, for obvious reasons. My mom insisted that I should at least meet him once, and I agreed without being convinced much.

Little did I know that that this one meeting with Yash would change my life!

Internal- marriage proposal from ex-husbands friend

When we met, it was a little awkward at first, but as we started talking the conversation went on smoothly. Our first rishta date actually lasted for 5 hours. I knew things would work with Yash when our coffee date turned into a dinner date. He suggested we go for dinner and I couldn’t say no because I felt comfortable with him. I hadn’t felt so with any of the other guys I had met so far. While Yash and I were on our way to the restaurant for dinner, I texted my best friend, “I think he is the one.”

We got engaged within 2 weeks and it’s been 6 months already of our courtship. We are getting married in four months.

Life is full of surprises. A year back I was trying to forget one of the worst episodes of my life and now here I am preparing for a beautiful phase in my life. Yes, we had to face some issues since my ex and Yash are part of the same social circle but we both fit into each other’s lives in such a beautiful way that we are not bothered by such problems.

I believe whatever is meant to happen will always find its way. Yes, it might take a long time, but it will definitely happen.

Yash is a gem of a person and the complete opposite of my ex. My family absolutely adores him and my cousins are equally fond of him. Their blessings and love keeps us strong enough to face all ordeals. There can be no better joy than seeing the smile on my mom’s face when she sees Yash; she says that he is not her son-in-law but her son.

He is very supportive and encourages me to do better in my career. He is as adventurous as I am and loves to give me surprises. His small gestures such as the cute way he tries to make up after our fights make my day. Yash’s love has made me forget about my ugly past and has made me believe that you need to give love a second chance - and it can surprise you in the most wonderful way.

* Names changed to protect privacy

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