#MyStory: It’s Not Easy To Live In A PG And Have A Boyfriend

#MyStory: It’s Not Easy To Live In A PG And Have A Boyfriend
It was around 10:30 pm, I was standing with my boyfriend outside my PG. We had an exam the next day so he had come to borrow a book from me. He hugged me and said goodbye before leaving, just the way we always do before parting.

I saw this uncle next door pointing his fingers towards us and saying something. I heard him use the word “family” and went closer, and then he just asked, “What are you two doing in front of my house?” I replied, “We weren’t doing anything.”

drama over a hug

He started ranting, “Families stay in this area and you guys are doing all this around here…” My boyfriend had just hugged me; I didn’t understand why this man was making such a big deal about this. I got really angry and told him to mind his own business.

People started gathering around and started saying things to my boyfriend and me. I'm not the kind of a girl who's going to tolerate abusive language being used against me or my boyfriend. I started arguing with those people.

The uncle who started all this told me to call my dad so that he could “have a word” with him. Since my family knows about my boyfriend, I did call my father and made him speak to the man. But still they didn’t end the drama; that man was now standing very close to me and started saying that he was going to slap me. That was the moment I totally lost my cool. I just screamed at him saying, “If you have the guts try and slap me.” My boyfriend came forward and stood between me and the man to protect me.

His daughter stepped up then and said, “Don’t talk to my father in that way” in a rather threatening tone. We both got into a verbal fight when I replied that I was not going to stay quiet when her father threatened to slap a girl in front of so many people in the middle of a road, and I was talking to him in exactly the way he deserved.

More people came out to the road, and a lot aunties from the neighbourhood also joined in insulting me more. I just couldn’t take it anymore and started crying. Then I called my uncle, who was an ACP, and explained the whole situation to him. He told me to hand over the phone to these people who were abusing me, but no one was ready to talk to him. They got scared when they came to know that he was a policeman. One of the women took the phone, but didn’t say anything; she just hung up after my uncle told her to stop all this nonsense.

But after hanging up, she again started insulting my family and me. It was just too much for me to handle, so I called my uncle again; I was sobbing while I was talking to him. He got really mad and sent a team of policemen. When they arrived at the scene, amazingly nobody had anything to say. The woman apologized to me, but the man who had started all this drama was nowhere to be found. He must have sneaked back into his home the moment he heard the police was coming.

Finally, where everyone left and things got settled my boyfriend left.

These people created such a huge scene over a hug. I don’t know if I had witnessed anything as stupid before that night. When will people stop interfering in other people’s lives?

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