#MyStory: How We Found Each Other Again... After 10 Years!

#MyStory: How We Found Each Other Again... After 10 Years!
I was in my preteen years when I attended my uncle’s wedding. I was absolutely sure that I would get bored there as there was no one of my age in the family. I anticipated that I would have to spend time listening to mundane conversations between my older cousins and relatives.

After one of the small functions, I was introduced to this guy, Akshat, who had come with his family to attend the wedding. He was of the same age as me and we two started spending time together playing pranks on other people, talking and so on. We even ate our meals together.

Akshat’s mother was pretty surprised to see how his mischievous son who “never listened to anyone” was being so nice to me and even agreeing to do things when I asked him.

When it was time for my family to leave, after the wedding reception was over, Akshat came and held my hand. He wouldn’t let me go; his mom literally had to force him to let go of my hand. I could see tears in his eyes. I also felt very sad to leave him; we’d had such a good time in those couple of days.

internal - found him after ten years

Akshat and I remained in touch for a couple of months after the wedding. The next time when we went to his hometown, my family made a point to visit his home. I was so happy that I would get to meet Akshat. All those wonderful memories of time spent with him during my uncle’s wedding brought a huge smile to my face. Little did I know I was in for a major disappointment. He was in a hostel in another city; this made me realise that we would not be in constant touch from now on. And I was right...we both got busy with our life and lost touch.

However, couple of weeks ago I found him on Facebook; he’s friends with one of my relatives. I was totally surprised to see his face after such a long time - ten years, to be precise. Yes, it was ten years ago that we had met at that wedding.

I was a bit confused about if I should send him a friend request. I was not sure that he would remember me. But after much mulling over, I sent him a request. And guess what? He did remember me; in fact he was elated to find my friend request. He immediately messaged me: “Where have you been lost all these years?”  He told me that he really missed me and even tried a lot to find me on Facebook, it turns out he got my surname wrong… LOL.

He told me how he had tears of joy when he saw my friend request while he was studying for his exams. I couldn’t stop myself from blushing when he said all this.

We both have now promised each other to not lose touch again. It was like finding a lost treasure after so many years. The strong bond of love we share that survived for 10 years even when we were not in each other’s life will survive the distance (we live in different cities). Like they say, if something is meant to happen, nothing can stop it!

*Names changed to protect privacy.


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