met him for the first time

#MyStory: After A Year Of Being In Love, I Finally Met Him...


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Sunday, March 20, brought an end to our long wait. We had met online a year back, had come to know each other better through text messages, calls and Skpye chats and fallen in love, and now we were finally meeting each other.

I was waiting for him at the corner table of my favorite restaurant. I was comfortable in the arm chair, but inside I was a nervous wreck. The staff of the restaurant kept looking at me - this girl who often loved trying out new items in the menu was not even ordering a drink today…that is what must have been going on in their minds.

I was suddenly noticing everything, the cool air from the air conditioner that was making my feet even colder. I kept adjusting my hair - why was I being so fussy about my hair, I wondered. I checked my flourescent pink suit once again to see if it wasn’t too crumpled. Like my feet, now my hands were also getting cold.

met him for the first time

I checked my phone repeatedly, but there were still no calls or messages. As I kept waiting, memories kept flowing in my mind: his voice, the jokes that never failed to make me laugh, the tone of his voice when was serious...

While my mind was racing, I wanted it to be calm because I was finally meeting him. I had dreamt about this every single day for the last one year and it was finally here. Would it be as amazing and romantic as I always  imagined?

Things are different when it’s a long distance relationship; even though we both had known each other for a year, there still were some uncertainties in my mind. But I didn’t want him to feel this when we met for the first time, that’s why I chose my favorite corner in the restaurant - it always helped stay calm. The slow melodies coming from their music system was helping calm me down.


Then the phone rang and my heart skipped a beat. I had never found my ringtone as appealing as that day. It was him! I turned around and there he was* standing outside the restaurant. He was wearing a black tee and smiling - oh that sweet smile of his that lights up my day! He was not thousands of miles away anymore, he was there just a couple of metres away.

The moment he stepped inside I just ran into his arms. There was no screen or distance between us now; it was just him and me. I felt his strong arms around me, my cheeks were touching his neck while his beard tickled me. I closed my eyes and hugged him tighter. He smelled like heaven. My first hug with the love of my life. We could feel each other’s hearts beating at a rather fast pace. I had never felt as safe as I did in his arms right that moment. Now my mind was at peace. No uncertainties, no thoughts…nothing.

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Published on Apr 02, 2016
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