#MyStory: He Hung Up On Me All Of A Sudden. But After That…

#MyStory: He Hung Up On Me All Of A Sudden. But After That…
I was in the first year of my BTech, when I met Ashutosh. The first time he sent me a friend request I didn’t accept it. He was a total stranger; we had no mutual friends on FB. And after being dumped, I had been very wary of talking to any guy. The mistake of trusting the wrong guy had made me develop trust issues.

I was settling into life as a single girl; a few months passed and I got a friend request from Ashutosh again. Surprisingly, this time we had many mutual friends. So, I accepted his request and we became friends on FB. He would text me often, but I never replied. After a while, he stopped messaging me. That's when I got curious, so one day I texted him first. Thus started our very first conversation, which continued for four long hours.

I could relate to his sense of humour and he brought out the happy person in me, who had been missing since the terrible break up I had gone through.

Days went by and we became good friends; we used to chat every single day! Things changed as my exams approached; I was very stressed and couldn't find time to talk to him. I started missing him and would tell him so, but then I would sure to mention that I was missing him “as a friend” - I didn’t want him to think anything more. He proved to be such a good support system for me; he gave me tips on how to prepare for the exams without being too stressed out about it.

he gave me a huge surprise

Whenever I saw him online or would get a message from him my heart would start beating faster. I was confused as to whether this was just a passing attraction or if I was falling for him. But I was sure that I didn’t want to get into a relationship or date any guy at that point of time.

One day we exchanged numbers and then we heard each other’s voice for the first time. He had an amazing voice, and I was totally lost…he made me forget everything about my past. We had spoken for half an hour when suddenly he just hung up. I was totally taken aback; I started wondering what I had said that annoyed him so much that he didn’t feel like talking to me… Every second felt like an hour and all kinds of thoughts crossed my mind.

The ring tone of my phone broke into my thoughts and I saw that I was getting a video call from him. He had a guitar in his hand and was singing one of my favorite songs… I was again totally stunned. While I was trying to make sense of what was happening he got down on his knees and confessed that he loved me!

I was speechless; while my mind was saying “No” my heart was shouting a big “YES!” I chose to listen to my heart and said “yes” to the guy who taught me how to fall in love again after I'd had my heart broken.

We have been together for one and a half years now and every day he strengthens my believe in love.

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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