Dear Future Husband, THIS Is What We Secretly Want From You!! | POPxo
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Dear Future Husband, THIS Is What We Secretly Want From You!!

Dear Future Husband, THIS Is What We Secretly Want From You!!

So Ki & Ka looks to be a movie that’s going to be really interesting at many levels for Indian women - after all, it’s a movie about a guy who decides to be a stay-at-home husband to an ambitious career woman. Which really isn’t the norm for Indian society! Now, we don’t know whether the movie is going to live up to all our expectations or not (we sure hope it does!), but every time a song or promo comes out, we sure do sit up and pay attention. After all, the fear of not being “allowed” to work after getting married, being financially “dependent” on one’s husband, having to turn into the “perfect” bahu - this is all too real for us girls who are thinking about getting married. And here’s Arjun Kapoor showing us what the stereotypical “bahu life” is supposed to be like… But let’s pause for a moment, and really think it through… A husband who’s willing to entertain our one million relatives, who takes care of all the household chores, and who’s totally ready to pamper us senseless when we’re having a tough day - is that not something we dream of secretly, at least sometimes? Let’s just admit that having this “Most Wanted Munda” cook dinner for us when we come back home after a long day of work is not something ANY girl is likely to say no to!!
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Published on Mar 8, 2016
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