10 *Ridiculous* Misconceptions Some Guys Have About Periods!

10 *Ridiculous* Misconceptions Some Guys Have About Periods!
We know that only half the human race has periods. But hey, that doesn’t mean the other half remains ignorant about it, right? So, guys, even if you skipped bio class and never actually thought of Googling stuff or asking your girlfriends - we still don’t get how in the world you ended up with these ridiculous misconceptions about periods!

1. Wings of a “winged pad” help stick the pad to a woman’s bum!

That being the case, please help us understand where you think we stick pads that do not have wings?!

2. That, ahem, women pee blood during periods...

So when we talked about our “period flow”, this is what many guys imagined it to be… Umm. Guys. DIFFERENT THINGS.

misconceptions about periods

3. Women bleed, and so like any other wound, it hurts.

Yeah, that’s what happens every month - we get wounded down there and start bleeding. *Eye roll*

4. Women exaggerate about PMS. It can’t be that bad!

Yeah, the constant feeling that your insides may burst open any time soon is really not all that bad. *Slow claps*

misconceptions about periods

5. Women don’t wanna have sex when they are on their periods!

Dude, how far away from the truth are you? We, in fact, are probably more keen on having sex when we’re on our periods! It’s all that oestrogen in our systems!

6. And that women can’t get pregnant on their periods!

While the chances are less, you can’t not get pregnant either!. You see, the flow does not filter out any sperm that may try to enter!

misconceptions about periods

7. Menstrual blood is different from normal blood

No, we don’t bleed different kinds of blood - you know there’s only one blood type running in our veins, right? The only reason menstrual blood may appear slightly different in color is because it gets mixed with some other stuff as well, and is also thicker because of clots.

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8. Blood is blue during periods!

Didn’t we always say that advertisers need to be careful about what they show? Some poor guys out there actually believe that the blue ink used in ads reflects the “blue color” of period blood!

misconceptions about periods

9. Women lose their virginity if they use a tampon

So wearing a tampon is the same as having sex? Who knew the process of wearing a tampon could bring pleasure, and possibly, an orgasm?!

10. We wear tampons/ pads all day, every day - just in case our periods start!

Because there is just no way of knowing when our periods may attack and stain our clothing. Uhm, guys, know this - these changes happen inside our body and we just know. Okay?

misconceptions about periods

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