Don’t Make These Makeup Mistakes On Your Wedding Day!

Don’t Make These Makeup Mistakes On Your Wedding Day!
Ask any newlywed for her biggest regret about the wedding day and most would reply “makeup”. A too-dark shade of lipstick or foundation turning shiny - it is the day where you’re going to be photographed the most after all. Here are some common makeup mistakes not to make on your wedding day. Keep these tips in mind and nothing can stop you from looking and feeling your best.

1. Skipping A Makeup Trial

Just because you’ve booked a professional makeup artist doesn’t mean all will be okay. You need to meet him/her well in advance to discuss your hair and outfits, and pick makeup looks for each function. It may cost extra for a makeup trial but at least you can fix ‘the look’ well in advance if you’re not happy.

2. Say No To Glitter

We’ve seen so many Indian brides with glitter on their eyes and cheeks – it so isn’t flattering. Period. Loads of makeup artists are pretty obsessed with sparkle for your big day, but trust us - just say no! Don’t confuse glitter with highlighter to help you glow.

makeup mistakes not to make on your wedding

3. Not Looking Like YOU

Remember, makeup is meant to accentuate your beauty, not change how you look. Don’t go overboard while experimenting with makeup trends. You want the groom to recognize you right?! :P

4. Not Having A Touch-Up Kit On Hand

Your wedding day is a long day and you need to look perfect throughout. Your makeup artist is probably not going to be around for the whole function so make sure to have a few emergency products around for touch-ups and quick fixes. These need to be the same ones that you’ve already got on your face, of course.

makeup mistakes not to make on your wedding

5. Not Using Waterproof Formulas

From your foundation to your mascara, lipstick and eyeshadow – everything you use should be budge-proof. You’re going to be dancing, drinking, sweating, crying. You don’t want your makeup to start melting when you’re sitting in front of the fire or smudging when you’re bawling your eyes out.


6. Forgetting About The Rest Of Your Body

You don’t want to run the risk of your skin tone not matching your face, so make sure to blend a bit of foundation on your neck, shoulders, chest and other exposed parts, like your back. Remember, you’re going to be the centre of attention; you want to look great from every angle.

makeup mistakes not to make on your wedding

7. Lipstick Woes

Skip glossy lipsticks (they can cause a glare in photos) and stick to classic, sheer colours. You don’t want to look back at the pictures and hate on that shade of orange you decided to wear. A lip stain is always a better idea than a lipstick as it’s way more long lasting, stays on for hours and won’t smudge even after those stolen kisses with the groom. *wink*

8. Not Having Blotting Sheets

Make sure to have fresh wipes or oil-blotting sheets around to keep oiliness at bay. No girl wants her foundation to get that greasy sheen after a few hours.

makeup mistakes not to make on your wedding

9.  Going Overboard

...With the highlighter and/or bronzer just because you want that ‘glow’. The same goes with your blush and eye makeup – too much of anything is bad. Make sure everything is blended well and not too OTT.  

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