10 Little Lies Every Girl Tells Her Boyfriend!

10 Little Lies Every Girl Tells Her Boyfriend!
We all lie to our boyfriends sometimes. But these are teeny, tiny, harmless white lies that half the time we say only because we love them so much - and don’t want to hurt them! Don’t believe us? Well, here are 10 little lies all girls tell their boyfriends...

1. “I am really sleepy”… *Stays on Instagram long after he’s kept the phone down!*

Well, what can we say? Instagram is addictive, and we just lose sense of time when we’re scrolling down our feed. True story, guys.

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2. “No, no I am not sleepy at all”… *Yawns through the conversation!*

Because when our guys are super excited about something that happened during the day, we don’t wanna cut them off midway. Even though we’re really tired and find it hard to keep our eyes open. We’re nice like that!

3. “I will be ready in 5. Not a minute more”… *Meets him 40 minutes later!*

The winged eyeliner alone takes 10 minutes. Don’t blame us!

lies girls tell

4. “I promise I’m not gonna get mad. Tell me”… *Is super mad 10 minutes later!*

Well, our guys wouldn’t tell the story otherwise. And we’re only mad because they didn’t tell us sooner! :P

5. “Of course Valentine's Day is no big deal”… *Secretly wishes for a surprise!*

‘Coz we love surprises. They just make us feel super special. But we don’t wanna pressure our men, you know.

lies girls tell

6. “I don’t care about it, it’s all in the past”… *Stalks his ex!*

Yes, the past is in the past, but exes can sometimes mean trouble! And then we can’t really help feel a bit jealous now, can we?

7. “It’s the best gift ever. Thank you”… *Looks for the bill to exchange it!*

We love that they made the effort and got something for us, but sometimes, it might not really be our style or colour! And we’re not going to tell them we didn’t love the gift they so sweetly got for us! So we tell them we love it, get the bill and then just get it in black! Everyone wins!

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8. “Yeah, baby, of course I had lunch, did you?”… *Eats lunch one hour later!*

We don’t want them to worry and then scold us slightly for working on an empty stomach!

9. “Hey! Good morning, I just woke up”… Every time he sends the text first!

It may be silly, but we girls do want our boys to feel like they’re the first thing on our minds in the morning! And they usually are - but sometimes we just get busy with all the morning hustle bustle.

lies girls tell

10. “I hate you!”… *Kisses and makes up half an hour later!*

‘Coz at the end of the day, we love our boyfriends, however much they may annoy us. We can’t really stay mad at them for too long - and they know that too!

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