4 Genius Tricks To Pick The *Perfect* Lingerie For You!

4 Genius Tricks To Pick The *Perfect* Lingerie For You!
We know for a fact that pretty lingerie makes us look and feel beautiful. That is why we ladies love to splurge on those gorgeous laces and delicate patterns. Unlike basic underwear, lingerie was designed to make a woman look like a dream even with nothing but them laces on. And one does not need to have a supermodel-like figure to look good with no clothes on. Which is why you need to pick your lingerie carefully according to what body type you have. Here are easy and helpful tips to pick the perfect lingerie according to your body.

1. If you are big busted

lingerie for your body type

If you are a broader or heavier on top as compared to the bottom half of your body, then you should opt for full cup bras with a thin underwire for support. A subtle plunge balcony bra is perfect to form a nice looking cleavage without making your assets look like too “out there”. Look for bras with thin padding or moulding so as to not add any unnecessary volume. Bras with light pads will give you a seamless, smooth finish and make your already gorgeous bosom even more beautiful!

As far as bottoms are concerned, ladies with this body type can totally rock high waisted briefs or panties with a thick waistline. The thick waistband or high waisted vintage briefs help balance out the  top.

2. For the smaller chested girl

lingerie for your body type

If you have comparatively smaller breasts, then we have two words for you: push-up bras! Yes, a nicely fitted push-up bra with generous underpads will make your assets look gorgeous. Smaller chested ladies have the freedom to play a lot with embroidery and heavy lace, so use that to the best of your advantage. They are ideal for creating a curvy silhouette. You should make sure that you don’t go for bras with a broad shoulder strap, though. Since your bra will already be heavy in fabric and design, you want to keep your shoulders looking soft and delicate.

Wear lacy panties with a very thin waistband so that the bra and panties together do not make your lingerie set look too loud.

3. If you have big hips

lingerie for your body type

Low rise knickers or boy shorts work wonderfully if you have big hips and thighs. Sexy little pieces that have a little bit of ruching in the middle pulls focus to your small waist, making you look curvy and beautiful. A lacy bra with moderate pads teamed with matching boy shorts flatter women with big hips really well.

If you want to shift the attention from your hips and thighs altogether, then light gowns and baby-dolls are perfect for you. They’re flirty and fun and make any woman look even more beautiful!


4. If you have a straight frame

lingerie for your body type

If you have a body with matching top-bottom proportions and you’re looking for ways to add some curves to your frame, then you should go for bustiers that push up your breasts and tighten your waist. This is going to create an illusion of a smaller waist and accentuate your breasts beautifully.

For the panties, opt for pretty panties with lots of ruffles and prints. This will dissect your waist from your hips and make you look gorgeously curvy!

NOTE TO REMEMBER: While picking lingerie for your body type, the thing to do is to focus on your best assets and try to not accentuate the bits you're less happy about. But the most important thing to keep in mind is to be comfortable in what you wear and feel sexy and beautiful. Let go of your go and let that confidence shine. If you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful. Have fun!

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