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8 Lies Society Tells Us Girls (STOP!)

8 Lies Society Tells Us Girls (STOP!)
A baby is simply born a boy or a girl - it’s society that conditions the child into becoming masculine or feminine. We’re all brought up with a set of ideas that we believe to be true only because we haven’t been taught otherwise. It’s time we question these ideas - and stop believing in these 8 lies that society has tried to make us girls believe...

Lie 1. You must always aspire to look beautiful. It is the most important thing.

Haven’t all of us been recommended whitening creams, color-correcting concealers, kissable lipsticks at some point or another? We’re continuously told to hide behind makeup, only so that we could one day match the photoshopped version glossy magazines sell us. Ladies, it’s time we embrace our imperfections, and realise that they make us who we are. The only truth we need to accept is that happy girls really are the prettiest! And makeup? Only wear it if you feel like it! lies society tells girls

Lie 2. To nurture a family is your primary duty.

To bring up a family and keep a home is as much a man’s responsibility as a woman’s - and yes, society lies to us when it tells us that domesticity is our primary duty in life. Being a homemaker is as great as being a teacher or a CEO of a firm - as long as it’s out of choice, not a sense of forced duty. lies society tells girls

Lie 3. Your life is incomplete without motherhood.

Childbirth is a beautiful human experience, but a lack of it doesn’t make your life incomplete. Don’t let anyone dictate terms on how to live your life. Hold the power to choose the things that satisfy you as an individual. Rest assured, you won’t regret the decisions you take for yourself.
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Lie 4. Your “virtue” is the most important thing that you have to guard all your life - well, at least until you get married!

Some people out there probably got confused when they were trying to teach us about virtue, for they mixed it up with sexuality. Your virtues and your beliefs have nothing to do with your sexual tendencies. Be firm in your faith, in the things you feel are right and moral, and in values that make you who you are. And sexuality? Well, explore it as and how you feel comfortable. lies society tells girls new app banner (pink)

Lie 5. A Prince Charming will come save you!

Fairytales aren’t bad, neither are rom-coms. After all, they feed us our regular dose of romance and magic. But what’s wrong is the belief they seem to have passed down - i.e., that all our troubles will vanish when we meet a guy who would be willing to take care of us and our needs, all his life. It’s great to be in love, ladies, but it’s even better to be your own hero. lies society tells girls

Lie 6. Skinny is the perfect body type!

And here’s what’s worse: skinny is also equated to being healthy. All we need to be is fit. Don’t skip on that - and then, enjoy your body the way it is. In the seven billion dense human race, who is anyone to call one body type perfect?
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Lie 7. You “lose” your virginity!

This one’s a classic case of wrong words spreading wrong ideas. Society has placed virginity on a pedestal and has taught us to be extra careful about it - for once we “lose” it, there is no turning back. It’s crazy how we’re often told to present it as a gift to our husbands. It’s your body and your life, and you have the right to enjoy it the way you want to. The only thing you must be careful about is your safety, and not the world’s opinion. lies society tells girls

Lie 8. You can’t live life on your own.

We’re told that women can’t live their entire life on their own. That singledom is not even an option for them, ‘coz the world is not just an unsafe place for a girl to live on her own in, but is also an incomplete one. The mere idea that being alone is associated with being lonely is plain silly, and probably propagated by someone who has never tasted the joys of living life on their own terms, without being accountable to anyone else for it. So, go live a life that you dream of! lies society tells girls GIFs: Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 9 Times Us Girls Feel Really Lucky To Be… Girls!! MUST-READ: Dear Girls, 7 Reasons To ALWAYS Feel Confident About Your Body!