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12 Surprisingly Fun Things You’ll Only Get If You’re Single!

12 Surprisingly Fun Things You’ll Only Get If You’re Single!
Okay listen, babe, we know you know this already. But just in case you needed a reminder, consider this one. Now go put on some lipstick and just continue being your fabulous self. Okay? You’re welcome, by the way. ;)

1. You have more “me” time!

You can Netflix and chill with whichever shows you want. No hidden meanings, without taking a shower, AND with a tub of Nutella in your lap. LIKE A BOSS! 

2. You have the rest of your life to mingle.

Haven’t you heard? Getting married in your early 20s is like leaving a party before 10 p.m.

okay to be single

3. You can focus on yourself completely - and indulgently!

No, thank you, Prince Charming - I think I can buy my own goddamn shoes.

4. You don’t have to constantly choose who you’d rather spend time with.

Date Nights with your besties are the best-things-ever! #AbhiTohPartyShuruHuiHai

okay to be single

5. You can check guys out without feeling an iota of guilt.

So when the hottie at that nightclub flirted with you, you flirted right back without the blink of an eye. Single life, FTW!

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6. You get to focus on yourself and your own growth.

You are, after all, a Girl Boss in the making! #OwnIt

okay to be single

7. Shaadi season is the effing best for you!

Cute guys + alcohol + single you = TIME OF YOUR LIFE!!

8. You don’t have to live with restrictions!

Yeah, I do have to ask for permission...from my own heart. Thatisall.

okay to be single

9. You are an independent girl, and that’s honestly how it should be.

Some of us, after all, are becoming the men we wanted to marry!

10. Without all those expensive dates, your money is yours to enjoy or save.

*Talking to the lady at the MAC Store* “Give me Ruby Woo, Relentless Red AND Cosmo.”  ;)

okay to be single

11. It’s better to be single than to be dating for the sake of it.

It should be love, not some compromise. Remember: NEVER, EVER, EVER settle!

12. And now coming to the main and most important reason. I mean, who are we kidding? This is what it all comes down to, right?

You never have to share your food. :D

okay to be single

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