8 Little Milestones You Cross To Go From Friends To Besties!!

8 Little Milestones You Cross To Go From Friends To Besties!!
The road to bestie-hood is an adventurous journey. Although, there are a couple of bumps along the way, time and experience bring the two of you closer. It’s like you not only have each other’s back, but are also inseparable. Here are 8 important little milestones that lead you to becoming the best of friends!

1. The Night You Partied Like Rockstars!

A night full of giggles and oodles of fun is what you call a successful party! If you and your bestie have spent not just one, but many nights of happy partying together, then that speaks volumes about your friendship. Cheers to many more such crazy nights to come!

Important friendship milestones

2. That Time When That Guy Broke Your Heart...

Breakups suck, we know! But they’re not as bad when your bestie is by your side. Your best gal understands and is willing to offer her shoulder for you to cry on whenever you feel the urge to let loose. Like they say, “A friend in need is a friend indeed!”

3. When You Both Travelled Together, Alone…

It’s when you travel with a person, that you really learn so much about them. If your bestie and you were busy making memories instead of quarreling over petty things, then she is the one! Her presence makes the journey pleasant and delightful at the same time. When are you two planning your next epic trip, eh?

Important friendship milestones

4. When The Struggling Phase Was Real!

Remember when you struggled to get a good break into the career of your choice? Or the time when your puppy fell sick. She could have easily backed away, but she didn’t. She stuck it out with you and never left your side. That’s what real friends do! They never leave your side when the going gets tough.

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5. That Moment You Lent Her Your Favourite Shoes...

It’s highly unlikely that you would share something that important to you with anyone else! Your bestie has always been an exception in this case. You don’t mind sharing your entire wardrobe with her, because you love her to bits! *Aww*

Important friendship milestones

6. When Your Family Began To Treat Her Like Their Own

Your bestie needs to be really kickass if you’re introducing her to your parents. Because…parents judge. They want to know if their daughter is mixing with the right people. If they met her and fell in love with her, then that’s just a huge step forward in your friendship!

7. The Ugly Fight That Made You Both Stronger

No friendship is perfect. There may have been times when the two of you got into an ugly tiff and stopped talking to each other. The difference is that all of it was temporary. After a couple of days, we’re pretty sure that sorry’s and teddy bear hugs were exchanged.

Important friendship milestones

8. When She Helped You Reach For The Stars!

A good friend is happy to see you reach for the stars, but a best friend will help you get there. Your happiness is her happiness! She offers constant support and motivates you just when you’re on the brink of giving up. More than a bestie, she’s your soulmate. Treasure her company always!

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