7 Ways To Wear Pink Without Looking ‘Too Girly’!

7 Ways To Wear Pink Without Looking ‘Too Girly’!
The colour pink has always been associated with girls. Pink for the girl and blue for the boy...that was the idea that was driven into our minds for decades. With changes in the mindset of the people and the blurring of gender lines in the fashion front, pink is now accepted as a universal colour and is not just restricted to the “xx” chromosome alone. However, the history of pink and its association with dolls and all things that define “girly” have made some women steer away from it. If you fear wearing pink will make you look too Barbie-esque, then you shouldn’t...because here are some fab ways you can wear pink without looking “too girly”!

1. Choose the correct shade

how to wear pink

Like every other colour, pink has a number of different shades you can choose from. If a vibrant hue like magenta or hot pink is not your thing, then opt for more muted pink tones like peach, azalea or blush. Know what shade you are most comfortable with and work it.

2. Add a bold but the RIGHT print

Adding a bold print and pattern to any colour takes the focus away from the background colour. It’s also a great way to wear pink for those of us who are not comfortable wearing a solid pink top. However, you have to be careful while choosing pink printed tops or dresses because it is very easy to veer into a bubblegum, childish look if you go wrong. For instance, if you wear pink with white polka dots, it might make you look a  little too “dolled-up”. Choose more mature prints in darker hues like a deep floral pattern or an abstract one.

3. Go the androgyny way

how to wear pink

Our favourite girls, from Deepika Padukone to Emma Watson, are in love with the androgyny trend that has been doing the rounds for a while now. A nice way to wear pink without even curving into the “girly” category is to mix it with men’s wear. A pair of boyfriend jeans paired with brogues and a peach top…or rock the pant-suit with a pink shirt inside. It also keeps your androgynous outfit from looking too boyish.

4. Add a badass leather accent

We all have and love our statement leather jackets and skirts. Whether you have the classic motorcycle jacket or a leather skirt...pairing them with pink is a great way to look trendy and take the focus away from the pink altogether. Leather has a certain kind of rock ’n’ roll vibe to it, so wearing it with pink will make you look glam and not girly! So let’s rock, shall we?


5. Pay attention to the fit

how to wear pink

The right fit will always make any and every outfit look more polished and neat. Make sure you prevent any sartorial blunders while wearing pink to avoid flashbacks of your childhood pinafore. A sleek pink pencil skirt reads formal while a voluminous pink skirt may come off as a little too candy-ish. You have the freedom to wear oversized clothes in other darker colours, but with pink...it’s always best to stick to what fits you best.

6. Wear it against darker colours

Sometimes we tend to overlook the obvious. Toning down a pink top by wearing it with black or a deep blue creates an outfit that is not only chic but also works in the professional arena. Pair a peach dress with a thin black summer coat or wear your pink top with your favourite black skinnies...and you’re good to go!

7. Accessorize using the colour instead

how to wear pink

Andddd if you’re still not convinced, then wear pink as an accent instead of the background. Don’t think of pink as the mainstay of your ensemble but add subtle accents in the form of a belt or a scarf or even a shoe. Have fun!

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