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4 Simple Tricks To Get Your Base & Blush JUST Right!

4 Simple Tricks To Get Your Base & Blush JUST Right!
What is the most important part of our makeup routine? The base of course! A well done base lifts one’s look by leaps and bounds! Here are a few tricks to amp up your makeup game.

What You Will Need : Blush brush, bobby pins, foundation, cream blush, highlighter, makeup sponge

Difficulty Level : Easier than counting to 10!

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Trick 1 - Turn Your Regular Blush Into A Fancy Fan Brush!

Most of us love highlighting but don’t want to invest in a fan brush. So here is a simple way to convert your regular blush brush into a fan brush...

Step 1. Take two bobby pins, and fix one each at the lower end and the middle part of the brush. The tighter the better.

Step 2. Use this brush to highlight your face.

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Trick 2 - Highlight... Without Spending Money On A Highlighter!

If you want to use a highlighter but do not have one or do not wish to invest in one, then you can always hack it with a white eyeshadow...

Step 1. Pour some foundation on the back of your hand.

Step 2. Mix a pinch of white eyeshadow.

Step 3. Use a gentle finger to apply at the high points of your cheeks.

Step 4. Now blend with a soft hand, using a makeup sponge.

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Trick 3 - Get Your Blush JUST Right!

Most of us feel that the correct way to apply blush is to do so in a single stroke in one direction, and a lot of tutorials support this too! But this is not entirely true. Here is how you can get the perfect blush!

Step 1. Take a little bit of your brush and shake off the excess.

Step 2. Apply the blush once on both cheeks in a tick mark motion. You can repeat it twice to get a wonderful colour on your cheeks.

Step 3. Don’t forget to smile while you do this! :)

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Trick 4 - Cream It Like You Mean It!

We love what cream blushes do to our cheeks, but sometimes they appear to be not so flawless and a little too much. Here is a trick to perfect your cream blush.

Step 1. Take your cream blush and apply it in the regular way.

Step 2. Tone down the harsh edges with the help of a makeup sponge and foundation.

And voila! You have the perfect shade and a flawless look.

Use these tricks to perfect your makeup in a jiffy!

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