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THIS Is How To Have The Best Hair On The D-day!

THIS Is How To Have The Best Hair On The D-day!
Gorgeous look-at-me hair on your wedding day requires more than just a few hours of styling. It needs weeks of pampering leading up to the big day! The cut, colour and general state of your mane has got to be in amazing shape. Don’t panic, we give you a bridal checklist on how to have the best hair on D-day.

Prep your locks well in advance and nothing will stop you from looking tress-tatic on your special day!

1. Grow It Out

beautiful hair on your wedding day

The safest thing you can do when it comes to your hair is to start growing it out six to eight months before the wedding. Even if you haven’t decided on your style for the occasion as yet, it’s safer to have the length for an elegant updo. If you do decide to go with a shorter style, you can always cut it before the celebrations begin. These tips on growing your hair faster will be a godsend!

2. Start Pampering

beautiful hair on your wedding day

Now is the time to start pampering your mane so that it is at its strongest, healthiest and most beautiful on your wedding day. Bring back champi in your life with regular oiling, visit your salon for a hair spa every few weeks, and deep-condition your ends once a week. It’s the least you can do for your hair to be at its healthiest best and to prepare it for all the heat and styling for all your functions. Stock up on Moroccan Oil and Argan Oil products for soft, lush locks.

However, don’t oil your hair or use oil-based products a week to ten days before the festivities begin so that all traces of oil and its residue are out of your hair by then. Heavy conditioners and oil can make your hair limp, which can affect how well it can be styled.

3. When It Comes to Colouring…

beautiful hair on your wedding day

Ladies, your wedding day is not the time to experiment with drastic colour changes like super-light brown or blonde highlights. You don’t want to look back at your pictures and regret your decision. If you definitely want to colour, then please stick to a shade that is only a shade or two different from your natural colour. You want to look like you on the most important day of your life, don't you?

If it’s your usual colour that you're opting for, then you have nothing to worry about. But if it’s something new, then please try it out a few months before the occasion so you can be sure. This applies to both the shade and the particular product you're planning to use. Get a touch up 2 weeks before the big day so that the colour can settle in and there are no surprises.

4. Working with the Stylist

beautiful hair on your wedding day

Bridal stylists are heavily in demand all year round, so we don’t need to tell you twice to block their calendars the second your dates are fixed. It’s important to meet for a consultation a few months before the day, preferably as soon as you know what you’re wearing so you can finalize a few styles that will complement your outfit. Take pictures of what you’ll be wearing, and choose your hair accessories together. Take note of how long each style takes to perfect so you can plan your day accordingly, and click multiple photos of each hairstyle you try out so you can look at it from different angles.

Go about your prep in a calm, organized way, and your locks are sure to be your crowning glory on the day of your shaadi!

5. The Pre-Wedding Hair Prep Checklist

beautiful hair on your wedding day

This list should be your Holy Grail for envy-inducing hair on your wedding day!
  • Start growing out your hair.

  • Have a consultation with your stylist three to five months in advance.

  • Make sure the styles you have zeroed in on work with your length, colour and hair texture.

  • If your hair is coloured, get touch ups every 8 weeks and book your final colouring for 2 weeks before the day.

  • Get your hair trimmed 2 weeks prior to freshen your shape and style. Do not get the length chopped off.

  • If your functions are spread out, wash your hair a day before each event so your tresses can hold the style better. Just-washed locks tend to be silkier and harder to style, so they need to be spritzed with a texturizing spray to hold a style for long.

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