7 Top Tips For The Girl Who Wants To Try “Dirty Talk”!

7 Top Tips For The Girl Who Wants To Try “Dirty Talk”!
For all you gals out there, the biggest part of having sex is not having it - rather, it’s delaying it! When you keep your guy turned on for longer, it will seem like intense foreplay for the both of you! And just like you began to love to talk to your man, you’ll love to talk dirty to him too. It’s time to shoo away the boring - and here’s how to get started.

1. Start Right In The Morning...

Dirty talking doesn’t always have to be just talking - it can also be via texts, or rather, sexts! A fun way to keep your guy on his toes and to keep him thinking about you all day long, is to send him text messages of increasing intensity throughout the day.

2. Don’t 'Think' Of It As Dirty

Remember, ‘dirty’ is just a word. You want your man and you want him to want you. Nothing dirty about it. Put the guilt and shame away. It's simply attraction personified through words!

How to dirty talk

3. Eye Contact

Sex happens in the mind. Staring into his eyes is an instant way to connect with your guy. If you do it long enough, he will soon realise what you're up to. Focus on having good eye contact, and you will be seducing his soul, not just his body.

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4. Let Your Body Do The Talking

You should be oozing confidence and charm, by the way you talk and walk towards him. Accompany your movements with a low and slow tone - and tell him exactly what you want that night. Remember, how you say it, is more important than what you say. Some sexy lingerie should help you get into the mood if you have verbal performance jitters!

How to dirty talk

5. Seduce With Your Words

Start off slow, with what you like about the 'action'. Encourage what you appreciate. Use phrases like 'I want you' or 'I can't stop thinking about you'. Remember this is all pre-intercourse. You are just conveying your desire.

6. Lay Out Your Intention

This is when you tell him what you want him to do or want done to you, like: 'I like it when...' or 'I love...' or 'Do you want...' This is where you can take things up a notch and let out your inner most desires!

How to dirty talk

7. Give Him Some Encouragement Too!

During the act, keep your talking terse but loud. A simple repeated ‘Yes’ or other similar exclamations will suffice!

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