#HeSays: 13 Ways Guys Say “I Love You” Without *Saying* It!

#HeSays: 13 Ways Guys Say “I Love You” Without *Saying* It!
Ladies, us guys aren't the most vocal creatures when it comes to strong emotions. Sure, some of us aren't afraid even a little bit to say it like it is, but most of us shy away from epic declarations of love. That does not mean that we love the women we're with any less - just that we try finding different ways to express that love. Here are a few examples!

1. We try to surprise you in little ways...

Like getting your favorite ice-cream specially home delivered when you're feeling too lazy or tired.  

2. We value all the gifts you give.

They're very precious to us and we try to make sure you see us using them as often as possible!

3. We like to look at you. And keep looking at you.

Not to be creepy or anything, but we can't get enough of looking at you. We could stare at you for hours!

how guys express their love

4. We try to love what you love.

Your favorite shows, your favorite music, your favorite movies… We like to like what you like so that we have more things in common. (Does that make any sense?!)

5. We love to show you off!

You love you and we love for other people to know that fact. We're not saying we want to go around screaming about it to the world, but we like to introduce you to everyone significant in our lives.

6. We make time for you, no matter what.

It could be the busiest day in the history of busy days, but if you're upset we make sure we take time out and talk to you about your day. You're a priority, after all.

how guys express their love

7. We begin to like all that mushy stuff that we never thought we would.

All the things we thought were "so lame" before meeting you… Well, we actually want to do all of those things for you. And we feel no shame about that! (Even while we serenade you in the middle of a mall.)

8. We like to touch you, and not just sexually.

Not that touching you sexually isn’t great, but just having you within arm's reach is super satisfying for us. Yes, just holding your hand or holding you by your waist makes our day.

9. We try to be...better for you.

And not just in bed, though we do that too. We compete with ourselves every day and try to be a better person for you in every way possible.

how guys express their love

10. We pamper you as much as we can!

Seeing that beautiful smile of yours is one of our aims in life. So we listen and figure out what you like and then make sure that we surround you with that! May it be chocolates or flowers or anything else. (But maybe not diamonds, because then we would go broke.)

11. We tell you everything.

From the deep dark secrets to the most embarrassing moments of our lives. We share all the memories with you so that we can feel even closer to you.

12. We "let" you win

When it comes to you, sometimes winning just isn't worth it. We would rather be the loser if it makes you more happy. Because that in turn makes us more happy. Win-win!

how guys express their love

13. We like to remind you of things…

Like how amazing you are and how lucky we are… Just some of the things we can't help but think of daily!  

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