sex fetishes guys have

#HeSays: 7 Sex Fetishes EVERY Guy Has!

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Yes, we’re all individuals. But there are certain things that pretty much all of us guys can agree on - especially when it comes to, uh, bedroom activities. Here’s a list of a few (harmless, we swear!) fetishes that almost every guy has (or would definitely like to try!)...

1. Your boobs + our mouths = awesome!

What can we say…they look great, and they taste even better. :P

sex fetishes guys have

2. And being, uh, pleasured by your boobs.

Did we forget to mention that they feel even better?! ;-)

3. Finishing in your mouth

Because you moving away at the moment of our orgasm is just…less great. :D

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4. Doing it without a condom

Yes, we know, BAD idea unless we're both totally safe and actually trying to have a baby. But just putting it out there: the body wants what it wants. :/

sex fetishes guys have

5. Finishing, er, on you.

Because, let's face it, any part of your body is just way more exciting than our hands. :P

6. Handcuffs/ ties

Even if we're not into BDSM, knowing that you're willing to surrender control is a massive turn-on. :-)

7. Watching you touch yourself

What can we say, ladies? It is just such an amazing sight. Besides, knowing you're feeling pleasure…best thought ever. :D

sex fetishes guys have

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Published on Mar 14, 2016
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