Why Your Skin *Needs* Facial Oils For That Natural Glow!

Why Your Skin *Needs* Facial Oils For That Natural Glow!

We hear “facial oils” and our brain is already vigorously protesting while imagining how much oilier it can make our skin, and god forbid, lead to disastrous breakouts! But we couldn’t be more wrong! These facial oils have turned into quite the cult in the world of beauty because of their awesome power of giving your skin some much-needed moisture and leaving it smooth and radiant without clogging pores. Here are a few facial oil benefits and uses that you need to know that will surely convince you to buy one.

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Facial oil Benefits Know More About Facial Oil Best Buys

Benefits And Uses Of Facial Oils

Say goodbye to those highlighters! Your skin will light up on its own! Wanna know how? Then here have a look at some of the benefits of facial oil.

Your Skin’s Oil-Production Will Be Better Regulated

why you should use facial oils

Our skin’s sebaceous glands produce natural oils that are meant to protect our skin. When they are produced in excess, breakouts occur. Over-cleansing your face and stripping away its natural oils can be a reason why your glands go into overdrive and produce excess oil. Using a facial oil helps balance your skin’s sebum production with healthy fatty acids and plant oils, which your skin can’t produce on its own. It basically helps keep oil production in check and lowers the chances of breakouts. So if you have oily skin, it can actually help lower the amount of oil produced.

They Make Great Cleansers

Facial oils are amazing for thoroughly getting rid of dirt and impurities. It sticks to grime and makeup on your face, which helps wash it all off easily. No need to scrub your skin raw to get rid of stubborn makeup! Plus, they give your skin the delicate cleanse it needs and leave it brighter.  

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Moisturize + Radiance why you should use facial oils

Facial oil benefits are many and other than cleansing, these oils have superpowers when it comes to deeply moisturize your skin. They contain fatty acids and antioxidants to replenish dry skin and keep it supple and glowing. Simply massage 2 drops into your face and neck for that coveted radiance. It could be the answer to all your beauty prayers! Popxo Banner

Perfect For All Skin Types, Even Sensitive Skin

Like we already told you, beauty oils work amazingly for oily skin. They quench dry skin with nourishment and soothe sensitive, irritated skin - Thanks to the fatty acids in them. They have anti-inflammatory properties that help provide a layer of hydration without irritating your skin.

They Can Shrink Enlarged Pores

why you should use facial oils

Hate the appearance of large pores on your face? Oils like macadamia and jojoba can shrink the fat in pores and help shrink them. We told you - They really will give you the skin you’ve always wanted!

Overall Skin Health To Look Young Forever

These oils are anti-inflammatory (with calming ingredients like argan), and anti-aging (as they replenish and moisturize the skin). Even as your natural oil production decreases as you get older, they help revive skin through their richness in antioxidants, thanks to natural plant ingredients and extracts. They are also non-comedogenic, which means that they will not clog your pores. Facial oils are a blessing that should be used all year round (not just in winter) to moisturize your skin, replenish, and repair damage caused by the sun, pollution, and free radicals in your daily life. Use them long-term to keep your skin plump and soft, revitalized, and radiant. So, these were some of the benefits of facial oil. Now let’s have a look at some facial oil uses.

What To Know About Facial Oil Uses?

  1. They may be a bit costly but will become an essential part of your skincare regime. Also, a bottle will last you for a long time.

  2. If you find them a bit heavy or greasy, use them at night while you sleep.

  3. Don’t over-oil. 2-3 drops are enough to massage all over your face, as they are so concentrated. If you have super dry skin, then a drop or two more is more than enough.

  4. Do NOT use body oil on your face. They could be fragranced, which can irritate your skin and can clog pores.

Our Top Picks For Facial Oils To Get Your Hands On Are:

You can’t just pick up any oil and slather it on your face. Here are the best and safest options to try for your skin:

1. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil With Vitamin E


Palmer's cocoa butter formula skin therapy oil is a multi-purpose skin product that you can use on your face and body as well. It has a lightweight formulation and does not feel heavy on the skin. Some of the common yet amazing benefits of using this facial oil is that it removes stretch marks, scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, it also even the skin tone and makes the skin look young and glowy.

Price: Rs 495. Buy it here

2. L’Oreal Paris Extraordinary Facial Oil


L'Oreal Paris extraordinary facial oil has a blend of 8 luxurious oils that are, Lavandin, Marjoram, Rosemary, Lavender, Rose, Roman Chamomile, Geranium, Orange Peel, that strengthens the skin cells and protects it from being dry and flaky.

Price: Rs 1,706. Buy it here

3. Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Ayurvedic Night Serum

Kama-Ayurveda-Kumkumadi-Miraculous-Beauty-Ayurvedic-Night Serum-benefits-of-facial-oil

Kama Ayurveda Kumkumadi miraculous beauty facial oil exfoliates and repairs the skin. It contains 12 precious ingredients that help to soothe fine lines, prevent aging and illuminates the skin. It has the finest saffron that brightens the skin and lightens the pigmentation, dark spots and marks.

Price: Rs 2,395 Buy it here

4. The Body Shop Oils Of Life Intensely Revitalizing Facial Oil


The body shop intensely revitalizing facial oil has repairing and revitalizing properties that help to make skin healthy and nourished. This facial oil literally melts into the skin and leaves a smooth finish on the skin and the best part about this facial oil is that it is not greasy at all.

Price: Rs 1,895. Buy it here

5. Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate


Kiehl’s daily reviving concentrate facial oil helps to keep the skin radiant and youthful all day long. It contains antioxidants and has an amazing blend of natural oils like, sunflower, ginger root and tamanu that helps to make the skin fresh.

Price: Rs 3,500. Buy it here

6. Hydra Squalane


Hydra squalane facial oil hydrates the skin as the name explains itself. It is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidant properties that help to plump and soften the skin keeping it moisturized whole day long.

Price: Rs 5,600. Buy it here

7. BOTANICS 100% Organic Nourishing Facial Oil


Botanics 100% organic nourishing facial oil helps to keep the skin moisturized for hours. It is infused with rosehip oil that helps to nourish the skin making it look radiant, smooth and soft.

Price: Rs 1,280. Buy it here


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