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8 Dos & Don’ts Of Wearing Mini Skirts EVERY Girl Should Know!

8 Dos & Don’ts Of Wearing Mini Skirts EVERY Girl Should Know!
Summer is in the air, so it’s time to pull out all those mini skirts, which you had discarded for the winter, from your wardrobe! But pulling off the mini can be hard work, simply because it is such a bold style statement, and little mistakes in styling can easily result in a hot mess! But don’t worry - we at POPxo have you all covered. Just follow these simple do’s and don’ts of wearing a mini dress, and you will be all ready to look super trendy in your mini!

1. Don’t: Wear an over-exposed top

Mini skirts are all about showing off some leg. So when you wear a top which also exposes skin in the upper half of your body, your look becomes somewhat OTT! That’s why as a general rule, it is wise to say no to off-shoulder tops, cropped tops, spaghetti straps, halter tops or tank tops, when you are wearing a mini skirt. Or you may end up looking like this, oh no! dos and donts of wearing mini skirts Image: Shutterstock Shirts, on the other hand, can look great with a mini, as this Chanel outfit will tell you. And, oh-so-summery! dos and donts of wearing mini skirts Image: Karl Lagerfeld on Instagram

2. Do: Choose the proper length

Many times the mistake made with minis is just choosing the wrong length! Yes, even mini skirts come in different lengths, and choosing a length you’re comfortable with is most important. In general, what length will look flattering on you will depend on your height and butt - shorter lengths can make petite girls appear taller, slightly longer lengths look nicer on girls with heavier bottoms. Also read: 8 Dos & Don’ts Of Wearing Leggings EVERY Girl Should Know

3. Do: Consider a jacket

Adding a jacket to your mini skirt ensemble can give much-needed sophistication to your mini look. Mini skirts were invented in the 1960s by London girls who began to shorten their skirt lengths as an act of rebellion - so they are essentially super casual streetwear. That’s why if you want to make your mini look posher, jackets can be the right way to go. Say yes to summer jackets. Iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld tells us how: dos and donts of wearing mini skirts Image: Karl Lagerfeld on Instagram

4. Do: Be careful with slits

A misplaced or a deep slit on a mini skirt can make or break the look. If your mini skirt has a slit, ensure that  it is not too high, or it can look like you’re exposing too much! And you certainly don’t want that! Also read: Skirting The Issue: The BEST Skirts For Every Body Type!

5. Don’t: Go overboard with your shoes

Some people assume that a mini skirt always needs to be paired with heels or stilettos. But let us tell you this is a big myth! In fact, the wrong heel can easily make a mini look somewhat distasteful. Like this: dos and donts of wearing mini skirts Image: Shutterstock Which is not to say that one shouldn’t ever wear heels with minis. But merely that one needs to be careful! Tastefully done, heels with minis can also look super charming: dos and donts of wearing mini skirts Image: Shutterstock

6. Do: Wear a bra

It is important to wear a bra with a mini skirt, especially if you’re a full-breasted woman, otherwise you will end up drawing too much attention to your boobs, and that coupled with the fact that a mini already draws attention to your legs, can make one look vulgar in a mini! So don’t forget your bra! Also read: 7 Fashion Mistakes We All Make (Here’s How To Avoid Them!)

7. Don’t: Forget the context!

Context is always important for styling minis, so please keep that in mind. If you are wearing your mini in a more formal, or a business casual setting, it is perhaps wise to throw in a pair of stockings or tights with that. For a more casual look, go bare legs! dos and donts of wearing mini skirts Image: Paris Hilton on Instagram

8. Do: Choose the right skirt fit for your body type

Considering your body type is essential when you want to choose the right skirt for yourself. If you’ve a big butt, you’ll probably want to avoid tight fitting minis, unless your butt is what you want to show off. A-line fits also tend to look awkward if you have ample thighs. You can also try widely fitted, flowy minis if you actually have a smaller behind, and want to make it look larger. Also read: 7 Fashion Mistakes That Make An Outfit Look, Um, Tacky!

P.S.: Some important basics...

Pleeeease do NOT forget about your underwear! You must always wear undies which give ample coverage when wearing a flowy mini that might just float up with the breeze or movement - so no thongs please! On the other hand, if you're wearing a super-fitted one, good idea to pick seamless panties to avoid visible-panty-line issues. Also be careful while bending and walking up the stairs, especially when wearing a flared mini skirt - you do not want to unintentionally flash the world! Featured Image: Shutterstock