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Looking For A Cool New Place To Try In Mumbai? THIS Is It!

Looking For A Cool New Place To Try In Mumbai? THIS Is It!
Mumbai, now, has not only new venues but entire districts where one can have a great time. One such place is the up and coming Bandra Kurla Complex - the commercial hub of Bandra.  With a number of places to go on a lunch date, a meeting to discuss great ideas, a fun bachelorette, de-stress post work or party after hours. Our favourite? The Good Wife - a tastefully luxurious but homely gastro pub with a great vibe, good food and superb drinks on offer. Here’s 5 more reasons you need to visit The Good Wife.

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1. The Food Is To Die For

The menu is a careful selection of dishes that appeal to every palette and has been prepared by sourcing food locally. Expect fresh, rustic dishes that burst with flavors. Our personal favourites? The Charmula Marinated Rawas and the Wild mushroom and grilled asparagus risotto.

The Good Wife, BKC, Mumbai 1

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2. And When You’d Rather Get Drunk Than Eat…

… they also cater to the reveller in all of us with their vast bar menu. Get your spirits high on a cocktail or if you’re like liqueurs, pick a Westward or the Bailey’s Irish Cream. There’s also a host of whiskies, beers, vodka, gin, rum and scotch to pick from. The kind folks at The Good Wife make sure no one goes home low ;)

The Good Wife, BKC, Mumbai 2

3. Work Stressing You Out? They Got Your Back

If you’re feeling a bit bogged down at work and just want to unwind with some good music and a couple of mocktails, this place is right up your alley. They even have Express Lunch, the menu for which changes weekly. With some light music during afternoons and a great selection of non-alcoholic drinks, The Good Wife brings the joy back into every corporate employee’s life.

The Good Wife, BKC, Mumbai (3)

4. The Most Convenient Place To Hang Out With Colleagues

Promoted by the Ryan & Keenan Tham, the owner hosts of Trilogy, The Good Wife is the place to catch up with your colleagues over a few drinks, hold informal meetings with your important clients, or just unwind at the bar. If you’ve ever been to Trilogy, you’ll know they’re high on hospitality. Brownie points for being close to a commercial hub where many offices are located - the right place to impress the boss!

The Good Wife, BKC, Mumbai 4

5. Weekends Are Special!

These guys sure know how to have a good time whether it is a weekend or a weekday. The party begins with Hip-Hop Friday nights where DJ Dash, one of Mumbai’s hip-hop legends, spins his grooves. Their concept of  'Swing Saturdays' is a way of giving their patrons a chance to go back in time as guest DJs spin some great, classic tunes. Dancing to retro music not your cup of tea? Hop on over for a Sunday brunch with your favourite set of girls.

The Good Wife, BKC, Mumbai

*This is a sponsored post for The Good Wife.