7 Tricks To Get The PERFECT Sari Blouse Stitched!

7 Tricks To Get The PERFECT Sari Blouse Stitched!
Dear Bride, We know you are very busy planning your big day, trying to get in shape, getting your beauty regime in order, preparing your trousseau along with figuring out the million other nitty gritties. We also know that you are most apprehensive about how your outfits are going to turn out! We totally get it and we’re here to make this process easier. Here are some super handy tips on how getting a blouse stitched can be a total winner whether you’re wearing a sari or a lehenga!

1. The Right Fit Is Paramount!

Each one of you will agree that getting the right fit is something that goes without saying. But most of the times this is where we stray a little. Since the blouse is customised to your body it needs to fit like a dream. You might be working out and might change size by the time D-Day arrives and, thus, getting fittings done closer to the day is very important. Get the blouse made a bit loose, because it can be tailored tighter later. Also, do identify what lining the tailor is using under that blouse!  

2. Be Bold But Be Wise!

Yes, we know you’d like to experiment and try new designs, and we agree you must. We just want to prepare you for this. Along with the heavy lehenga and all the rest of the razzmatazz, the last thing you want is to worry about the blouse neckline, length of the blouse, open backs, tight sleeves etc. We urge you to go and try something new and trendy since it is your day to shine but make sure you’re comfortable in the design!

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3. Let Your Body Feel Good Too!

Wear something that suits you body frame, accentuates your curves and camouflages anything that you don’t want to flaunt. Want to show off that sexy back? Then go for a backless choli. If you are small-busted, choose a blouse with a sweetheart neckline. Want your arms to look slimmer? Avoid cap sleeves and sleeveless blouses. There is an alternative for everything, my dear!

4. How Are You Going To Drape That Dupatta?

Yes, the entire ensemble should come together flawlessly. The way you drape your dupatta and how heavy it is directly affects how heavily ornamented your blouse should be. If you are taking an embellished dupatta and embroidered blouse, the threadwork might get entangled with each other and that’s not going to be nice. So pick accordingly.

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5. To Wear A Bra Or Not To Wear A Bra!

If you’re going for a backless blouse, get appropriate bra cups in your size and get them fitted in the right place. This is the ideal situation since you don’t have to worry about pesky straps showing or think about the underwire poking. In case you’re wearing a bra with the blouse don’t forget to get snap buttons under the shoulder seams to keep the straps from moving.

6. Balance Out The Details!

Don’t overdo the blouse if both your dupatta and lehenga are heavy. Highlight the neckline since that will be visible and focus the bling on the sleeve area as that will also be noticeable to all and sundry. Don’t fuss about the bodice too much. It’s going to be nicely hidden under the dupatta. You’ll also save some money on it!

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7. The Finale

When you go for the final fitting, wear the blouse with the bra you plan to wear and move around in it. You shouldn’t be discomfited by a tight fitting blouse. So bend over (to see if the neckline holds), sit (no muffin top!) and walk (can you breathe) and lift your arms up (any pinching?) while wearing it. Do get a spare blouse made in a simple fabric so that you are ready with an alternate plan.

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